The Advantages and Disadvantages of Using a Mobile Phone at Work or School: An Essay

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I am writing this discursive essay on the topic on the advantages and disadvantages of having mobile phones at work and school.

Mobile phones are becoming more and more popular and are becoming a part of people’s life which there is more and more problems appearing every day which has arisen some questions, such as whether they should be at school or in a workplace.

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The advantages of having mobile phones in school are quite a substantial amount considering the amount of uses in the classroom and in the playground. The first advantage of having mobile phones in school is your family can contact you in need of emergency or in case u have an appointment. Which would be quite useful as you could pack your things up quite fast and you could just leave. The second positive of mobile is using your mobile phone can cause you to become more creative and it cause you to be more responsive. The third positive fact about using mobile phones is that it can help teach u words that you don’t know or help explain something such as a math equation.

Another couple of benefits for mobile usage at school or in a workplace is it can help you be more confident in speaking to people in public, such as if you start speaking to people online you could get to know them and you will start speaking to them in public. The positive note about mobile phone usage is using your phone can help you with dyscalculics which means you have problems with mathematics, so if you need to know the time for an important reason you can check the clock on the wall, so you can just check your mobile phone for the time because you can set it to twelve o’clock. Another reason for using a phone is if you are doing a test a child can listen to a low volume to peace of music to stop them interrupting other people and they can focus on their test. The last positive note I found on if mobile phones should be used in a workplace or at school is you can message the person who is taking care of you if you forgot something, they can take it in.

The disadvantage of having mobile phones at school or a workplace is a person can use their mobile phone to cheat on their test whenever you’re not looking, so this can stop the right person from getting what was theirs. A second disadvantage for having a mobile phone at school or in a workplace is a person could become distracted and could disturb other people and their work by irritating them with sending them messages or showing them stuff on your phone. Another disadvantage for using your phone is people can take photos of you to black mail you or they can mock you and make fun of what you look like with posting images online for everyone to see.

Another few disadvantages of using mobile phones at school or in a workplace: when a person receives a notification it can disrupt a lesson which is taking place is you could start an argument with your teacher by trying to stop the teacher from taking your phone away which could cause you to get a moved room which can stop your lesson for up to fifteen minutes. Another disadvantage for this is your mobile phone could be lost or stolen which could cause many problems such as getting the police involved and making them search everyone which could either halt lessons or cause students to become held up at school until the missing phone turns up. My final disadvantage for the use of mobile phones is that the student can become antisocial which can cause them to lose all their friends and sit on their phone for hours on end without moving.

In conclusion, I think using a mobile phone either in a workplace or at school is good because I think the advantages out way the disadvantages in this circumstance and the reason for this is they are quite useful with never ending uses and they can help you not become shy.

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