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The Advantages Of Population Control in India

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The reason behind to insert Article 47A in the Constitution of India is: The population of India is increasing at a very high rate. Currently, India is the second-largest populated country in the world. As per the statistics of Worldometer Elaboration of the latest United Nations. The recent population of India is 139.27 crores. There is an urgent need to control the population of India otherwise there will be a mass disaster. This increasing of the population is the root of almost every major problem exists in India such as poverty, unemployment, pollution, malnutrition, overuse of resources, corruption etc. So to get rid of all the major issues population must be controlled at any cost.

Benefits of population control

1. Good quality education

If the population will control then each and every child will get a good quality of education. As when there are more than two children in the family then due to poor financial condition it is very difficult for all the children of the family to get a good education.

2. Unemployment reduces

If the population will be in a controlled situation then the rates of unemployment get reduce and every family’s children will get good job opportunities.

3. Overexploitation of resources will reduce

If the population will be in a controlled situation then over utilisation of resources will reduce as when the population will be less than fewer resources will be used which results in better utilisation of resources.

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4. Poverty will reduce

If the population will be in a controlled situation then unemployment will get reduce which results in reducing the poverty. And when the population gets in control then the government will put more efficient efforts in the upliftment of the people who have below poverty line ( BPL)status.

5. Pollution will reduce

If the population will be in a controlled situation then the pollution rate will reduce as the use of transport will reduce, water pollution will reduce, noise pollution will reduce also if the human population will be controlled then the emission of carbon will also, reduce which results in a reduction of global warming.

6. Crime Rate will reduce

When the population get in the controlled situation then unemployment will reduce and poverty will also reduce which results in a decrease in the crime rate. As per the observation mostly crimes are committed by the unemployed people or the peoples who is suffering from poverty.


For the better future of India, this measure to control the population is taken. Population Control will solve many major problems of India which will take India’s development on a higher level and makes India more advance.

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