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The Analysis Of Work Life Balance And Its Effectiveness

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The study focuses on work life balance in GAIL. The concept of work-life balance has now become centre of attention for almost all companies, political institutions, research institutions, families, individuals and trade unions at both national and international level. Work life balance is an important topic in human resource management that means to combine work and life in a way, that both are achievable. Work life balance is generally related to role overload, time management, time pressure, job satisfaction, job stress, organizational commitment, life satisfaction, turnover, welfare, social security, working time, flexibility, family, migration, consumption, demographic changes, leisure time and so on. In this paper, work means paid work i.e. a person earns money by providing his/her services to the organization. Both work family balance and work life balance is same thing.

The highly competitive globalized environment results in increase in job pressure which lead to distract work life balance among the employees in every industry. Many of the organization started realizing it and the employers were providing work life assistance programs to enrich them further. Organization and employees together seek better way of managing the tension between work and family demands, there has been an increasing research in the work life conflict and family work conflict issues nowadays.This research paper delivers an analysis of the antecedents to work life conflict and family-work conflict among the bank professionals, as well as resolutions that organization may gadget to proliferate the work-life balance of professionals. The output of the analysis revealed that these are considered as key determinants of work life balance both in case of the private and public sector employees.


HRM is the study of activities regarding people work in an organization. It is a managerial function that tries to match organizations needs to the skills and abilities of its employees.

Human resources management (HRM) could be a management operates involved with hiring, motivating and maintaining folks in a corporation. It focuses on folks in organizations. Human resource management is coming up with management systems to confirm that human talent is employed effectively and with efficiency to accomplish structure goals.

Work life balance

Work life balance is a concept including proper prioritizing between “work” (career and ambition) and “lifestyle” (Health, pleasure, leisure, family and spiritual development).Work life balance is a choice an individual has to make. However, it is the organization that needs to take an initiative to help the employees. Today, an employee is not looking at their employer just for a job, also to care for their work life balance and their well-being. If a company addresses these needs, in addition to providing better career opportunities, they can be very successful in providing job satisfaction to the employees. Companies are adopting new means to ensure that their employees get enough time to enjoy their personal life and spend time with family.

Work-life balance is the term used to describe those practices at workplace that acknowledge and aim to support the needs of employees in achieving a balance between the demands of their family (life) and work lives. It is achieved when an individual’s right to a fulfilled life inside and outside paid work is accepted and respected as the norm, to the mutual benefit of the individual, business and society.


The aim of the work-life balance is to see that both employers and employees equally benefit from a work-life balance.This study aims to suggest suitable solutions for overcoming the problems and reduce the stress which leads to encouraging the employee’s better performance for organizational output.


1. Work life balance strategies at individual level

It is not easy task to juggle with the pressing needs of both career and personal life. There is a constant need for reducing stress in work life and maintain harmony in both professional and personal life.

Strategies at individual levels are:

  • i) Be assertive and simplify: Learn to say NO if it comes in the way of your schedules. Staying home once in a while helps the frenetic pace of the work place.
  • ii) Learn to De-stress: An optimum level of stress often enables people to perform better but the key is to maintain it at manageable so that it can enrich and motivate. Sometimes make sense to ‘take it easy’.
  • iii) Share or distribute the work load: An orderly and clean home reduces unnecessary tensions and makes the life simpler. However, when time is tight, learn to let go of expectations of extreme cleanliness. Even at the work place, learning to trust colleagues and delegating tasks and duties which helps in sharing the burden.
  • iv) Identify and prioritized implementation: Keep a record of all the work related and non-work-related activities performed during a given week. After identifying the most important and meaningful activities based on your priority, those which are done out of guilt and deemed to be unnecessary can be delegated, if possible.
  • v) Manage time effectively: Make proper planning of household chores and duties/tasks scheduling of appointments or tasks which can be clubbed together on the same day minimizes missed work time.

2. Work life balance strategies at organisational level

  • i) Flextime: Flextime is a scheduling policy in which full-time employees may opt for starting and ending times within the prescribed guidelines of the organization.
  • ii) Compressed work week: In such type of system, normal working hours are extended to a few more hours to give employee a weekly off.
  • iii) Job sharing: In job sharing concept, two part-time employees’ carryout tasks associated with a single job. That means a job can be shared between two part-time employees instead of one full-time employee. Employees are here satisfied with less burden of job on their shoulders.
  • iv) Flex place/Telecommuting: This strategy gives freedom to an employee to work from virtual office, either sitting at home or any other place with the help of computer or telephone and internet facility.
  • v) Part time employment: In this strategy, working hours are reduced from the standard 8 hours or 40 hours per week. In this arrangement employees are permitted to meet both job and personal needs.

Objectives of the study

Every project work must be carried out on the basis of an objective, because these objectives lay down a proper part by clearly mentioning what we are supposed to find out on the study under taken in the chosen organization.

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  • To develop strategies for balancing both work and personal life
  • To identify some of the physical and mental effects of stress and learn ways to minimize these effects.

Scope of Work life balance:

The study covers the various aspects in employee work life balance and measured increase in productivity, accountability, commitment, better team work and communication improved morale, less negative organizational stress.

This study is helpful to identify the balance of work life and personal life at GAIL.

Review literature

Maruthamuthu, D. Chitra, S. Pramothine, G., & Surendar, G. (2018)

Human resource is that the important conjointly the backbone of each organization and it’s also the most resource of the organization. Therefore, organizations invest immense quantity on the human resource capital as a result of the performance of human resource can ultimately increase the performance of the organization. Performance may be a major three-d construct aimed to attain results and contains a robust link to strategic goals of a corporation

In this study identified that the effect of quality of work-life is one the most important for all human beings and it will lead to the success of any organization for the outcome. Work-life balance policies are the key factors for the success of an organization on employees are balancing their working life as well as personal life also. Hence the focusing on employees are how to consider the importance of their personal situations and organization welfare policies towards effective performance management on balancing their work-life that helps to reduce the stress. This study aims to suggest suitable solutions for overcoming the problems and reduce the stress which leads to encouraging the employee’s better performance for organizational output.


The secondary data is collected through company publications and research articles from related journals, manuals, websites and the concerned literature on the subject.

The primary data is collected through questionnaire and also through observations. The questionnaire is spread among the employees to collect information.


The study has been met the following constraints but made effort to overcome them in order to make this study valid.

  • The study was conducted with a very limited time.
  • Time is a major constraint in collecting the full data.
  • The respondents’ opinions may favour to the management.


  • During this study it is observed that 97% of the employees felt that if the employees have a good work life balance the organization will be more effective and successful.
  • It has been observed that 60% of the employees felt that the work is evenly distributed in the organization.
  • It has been clear that majority of the employees’ onlydepends on situation work for long hours or overtime and even on holidays at GAIL.
  • It has been identified that 67% of the employees are happy while spending time at the work.
  • It has been clear that majority of 67% the respondents felt that work longer than standard hours only depends on the situation at GAIL.


Overall, the survey brought about the fact that GAIL has been successful in helping its employees attain a proper work life balance. The organization firmly believes that only happy and engaged employees having a balanced life help in achieving their mission and vision and the company’s business strategy. They have been taking proactive steps towards the optimal achievement of employee work life balance but in order to develop a productive, engaged and competitive workforce, the organization needs to further strengthen its human resource policies in this area.

Earning more money is not enough to live, if an employee can’t give time to his/her family. Flexibility is required in the job if he/she has to give his/her best to the organization. If an employee gives his/her best effort to the company then it is the responsibility of the organization to provide a better quality of life.


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