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The Arab Spring - Revolutionary Movement

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The Arab Spring was a revolutionary movement in North Africa and the Middle East, beginning in December 2010, with the start of the Tunisian revolution – and then spread to other Arab countries such as Egypt, Syria and Libya.Since the end of December 2010, the Arab Spring has affected many countries in North Africa and the Arab world, leading to the collapse of the government in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya and Yemen. In an unarmed rebellion, social media and social networking technologies have served as a new strategy to enable protesters to succeed in Tunisia and Egypt and to inspire grassroots movements in other Arab countries.New media, namely Twitter, Facebook and YouTube, as well as online blogs and mobile telecommunications, played an important role as connecting politics, connecting.

FindingSocial media Features include its wide coverage, high accessibility, fast communication and interaction, and constant updates at an economical price. Also, People are considered to be media consumers, but at the production level. In addition, we define social networking sites as Web-based services that allow individuals first, to build public or semi-public profiles within a bounded system, second, to clearly indicate a list of other users sharing connections with them, and third, View and traverse their list of connections and connections made by others in the system. Also, from 1997 to 2001, some community tools began to support friends in various forms of combination and public expression. AsianAvenue, BlackPlanet and MiGente allow users to create personal, professional and dating profiles – users can identify friends in their profile without having to seek approval for these contactssocial media is fundamentally about connecting people to people.

Moreover, Social media gives you the opportunity to talk about what you know and what you want to know.If you take the time to hone your expertise and manage your social channels, you can greatly increase your visibility and even become a thought leader in your field. Although, social media allows you to hone what you really care about and what you really want to read.Social media can help you connect before, during, and after a network event, meeting, or meeting. People can meet you before they meet you and be able to talk better with people.It can be seen, the Arab Spring was a series of anti-government protests, uprisings and armed rebellions that spread in the Middle East in early 2011. At the same time, Arab Spring’ promoted by the Western media in early 2011, when Tunisia succeeded in uprising against former leader Zaire Abidin Ben Ali boldly holding similar anti-government protests in most Arab countries. The term “Arab Spring” is a reference to the 1848 revolution, in which many countries in Europe experienced a wave of political turmoil, many of which overthrew the old monarchy and replaced it with a more representative Government form. In 1848, it was called ‘the Spring of the Country’ in some countries, ‘the spring of the people’, ‘the spring of the people’ or ‘the year of revolution’.On one hand, TheArab Spring promises that social media and the Internet will trigger a new wave of positive social change. But the past five years have shown that freedom is not the only purpose that these tools can turn.Activists can organize and mobilize in 2011, in part because authoritarian governments don’t know much about how to use social media. On the other hand, Arab country that has experienced massive mass protests is ruled by an authoritarian regime. Many of these governments lack free and fair elections and impose various restrictions on the formation of political parties. Therefore, almost no institutional mechanism in these countries can identify, accept and respond to the needs of the people. Because non-democratic governments lack appropriate feedback mechanisms to warn them about the depth and characteristics of public dissatisfaction.

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However, countries with abundant natural resources – namely oil – and those that do not. A large number of political sciences. Although it is worth noting that the wealthy Gulf countries of Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates have successfully avoided any major degree of social unrest, they have not been completely immune to the global economic crisis since 2008. Also,eight years ago, a massive protest overthrew Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, marking the peak of the Arab Spring. By visiting social media sites such as Twitter, YouTube and Facebook, protesters organized in Tunisia since December 2010 have gathered to oppose oppression and inspire hope for a better, more democratic future.

Therefore, although Eastern Europe managed its own spring 20 years ago, most Arab regimes have not yet been affected by the change direction. The Global war on Terror (GWOT) has helped to consolidate the notion that Western culture classes represent a powerful and reliable ass of the future.Social media is a forceful device for the Arab Spring. the revolt in the Arab countries have used social media effectively to communicate with each other’s, mobilize their compatriots and access to broadcast channels and news media. El Bouazizi photo, the slogan on the Facebook page is “we are Khalid said!” echoes many slogans, people want to defeat the regime and even present a “take it out” poster in the child’s hand; all these they have been transferred millions of times and effected the results of the display of force between regime and its people.In 1998, once the internet became easier to enter middle-class families, young people began to record their thoughts about living in Egypt. This was the beginning of an online campaign that began in the form of yahoo groups and emails, and then gradually evolved into blogs. Starting with the forum and the personal blog and social network, the Egyptian people learned more about each other, compatriots from different political background. Another person who donated to the revolution through social media technology was Omar Afii, who turned former Egyptian police officers into activistsBecause of this oppression, the causes of the Egyptian revolution were caused by several reason; economic difficulty, superior unemployment cost specifically among the young person, superior food value, poverty, immorality management, request democracy, pain. There were more than 1200 interviews with a police participant in four days, and the sample was set to 1,056 valley questionnaires. Although the sample is widely dispersed in the population stone level, but the universal and political confusion of the universal country, the human weight of the pension is even stanched or arriving on the Egyptian population.The most important feature of the revolution is that it is organized and executed through the use of social media, specifically social networking sites, primarily Facebook, twitter and YouTube. The revolution and the date and what happen every day are described in detail below.Before January 2011, demonstrator was arranged through social media sites such as Facebook, epically the “we are Khalid Saeed “page. On January 25th, Egyptian police held a protest every year, which should be against the use of Egyptian police. Unkindly and tormented citizens.It is important to know the role of the media in Egyptian society. Under the rule of president Jamal Adebel Nasser (1954- 1970) and precedent Anwar Sadat (1970-1981), the state owns and oversees all media and uses them to advance the government’s situation. Private Egyptian radio stations, magazines and newspapers are illegal.After 2011 revolution and July 2013 military acquisition, the Egyptians still supported democracy concept, believe that the democracy is very important, rather claim democratic governance.

However, there are some indication that they are going to fall on democracy, and stability and powerful leaders are increasingly priority. In general, the democratic governance is smaller than the person who president of Morsi’s last year. Although most of the Egyptians still think the state’s legal system should be affected by Islam.When the company is executed according to law, it contains a provision that requires the cabinet to approve the confirmation of the press and publishing subdivision so that the authorities may control the new newspapers. So far, despite some application, the cabinet has not yet ratified publications.A number of laws have been enacted to avoid contact between the parties and their mass bases. The radio and television union act place these media under the full control of the government so that the resistance party cannot use them to publicize its programs and positions to the public, and the ruling party has an inclusive range of opportunities to do so. To sum up. Egypt’s electoral rules and institution are considered to be one of the main ridges to the development of the party’s pluralism and the accomplishment of its main purpose, namely the rotation of power though free, fair and regular elections. However, civil society systems are highly important in democratic direction and education in raising public concerns: they can help provide the necessary condition to encourage society to focused on political action.

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