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The Arc, The Life You Can Save, Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts of America: Analytical Essay on Projects

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Walmart’s (ESG) Environmental, Social, and Governance is a segue to supporting CSR(Corporate Social Responsibilities) initiatives. The ESG sets guidelines for the mogul’s commerce operations so that socially conscious investors can utilize in screening for potential ventures. The environmental side is how they function as nature stewards. The social agenda is the relationships developed between their employees, suppliers, customers, and the local areas that they do business. Governance addresses the executive pay, investigations, internal controls, and investor and stakeholders’ interests of the company’s management. Walmart is a top retailer that provides and helps people purchase high-quality, affordable food, and other vital items and products to individuals around the world.

Therefore, their endeavor to accomplish this augment of economic growth encourages long-term environmental and social viable growth and builds up local communities. They believe this approach establishes value for their business and their culture. A ‘Fortune 500 leader’ should be cognitive of social and environmental causes that would be conducive to their core business. Social causes should be in alignment with their vision, mission, and ethical framework. Walmart’s mission statement is ‘to save people money so that they can live better,’ their vision statement is ‘to be the destination for customers to save money, no matter how they want to shop,’ should they be all about money? No, it should not. When shopping at Walmart, and there were I/DD workers, the public could identify with employees there, which would let customers know that Walmart is an EEOC. The world is made up of ‘different’ people. Walmart should stand firm and commit to being socially conscious, and realize, ‘it takes a village’ to support future projects of sustainability. Their global commitment to the community is, ‘We aim to strengthen local community cohesion and resilience while inspiring our associates to give back. By designing giving programs that meet specific social needs, we work through our stores and associates to enable positive change in the communities we serve.’ So, why not embrace people with disabilities? (Walmart, Inc., 2019).

Walmart’s CSR policy of attracting talent should be that of widening the scope of hiring people who have disabilities and not just physically able workers. When Walmart made a recent announcement of redevising the job description of ‘Front-Door-Greeters.’ it created fear in the I/DD community. Walmart, the largest store in America, has made an epic mistake and has caused a rift with the EEOC and other disability advocates (Selyukh, 2019). Walmart needs to put people with disabilities back to work. The first of three suggested social causes:

The Arc (United States)

The Arc is the largest community-based organization in the world for intellectual and developmental disability(I/DD) individuals. Established in 1950 by concerned parents and community leaders who wanted inclusion for their children to become productive members of society. The Arc plays a crucial role in changing people with disabilities’ public perception. The Arc has been instrumental in changing needs and issues facing people with disabilities and their families and has continued to grow and evolve. The Arc, uniquely positioned with hundreds of chapters across the country to protect and strengthen state, regional, and federal funding and programs for all I/DD citizens. The I/DD group is one of today’s labor force’s most neglected talent pools, leading many job seekers with I/DD to remain unemployed and denying employers the opportunity to increase diversity in the workplace and add value to their company. The Arc@Work has been working with clients from the public and private sectors to bridge the gap between talent and opportunity since 2015.

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Nevertheless, a lack of training and capacity to provide accommodations and support for their new hires hinders many employers who want to hire people with disabilities. By using the Signature Methodology of the Arc@Work, The Arc helps potential clients attract, train and employ enthusiastic job seekers with I/DD, while also supporting clients with the requisite professional development to encourage new hires for sustainable success. At this sensitive time in our hiring practices, this would be a ‘win-win’ for both Walmart and the I/DD community to strengthen their workforce with inclusive sourcing. The Arc is a non-profit (The Arc, 2019).

The Life You Can Save

Since Walmart already has Project Gigaton in place, which is another ESG initiative that strives to avoid one billion metric tons (a gigaton) of greenhouse gases from the global value chain by 2030, the proposed charity would be a worldwide venture. (TLYCS) The Life You Can Save would be synonymous with Walmart’s endeavors and would funnel financial support explicitly teaching agriculture in third world countries, who then would be able to fight the battle of greenhouse gases globally. (Walmart, Inc., 2019).

The second social cause that we will examine is The Life You Can Save. The Life You Can Save (TLYCS) ‘s mission is to help change the culture of giving in wealthy countries by raising annual contributions significantly to highly impactful non-profits that alleviate deprivation and early death and enhance lives and livelihoods of people living in extreme poverty. TLYCS, founded by Peter Singer in an attempt to add substance to poverty-stricken countries and giving farmers the knowledge to adequately sustain life by farming competently, which is a ‘teach them to fish, and they will eat forever’ philosophy through channeled driven charities that are specific to Walmart’s ESG partnership. Thes farmers can play a vital role in dwindling hunger and poverty around the world, given the right tools and resources. Modern agricultural support programs, for example, could offer small start-up loans to assist in the more impoverished regions in third world countries. Despite receiving monies, rural farmers may not be able to acquire the seeds and fertilizer needed to set up their crops, or market to fucking access to sell their final harvests. Walmart would come in and give financial support to be routed directly to this charity (The Life You Can Save, 2019).

Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts of America

The third social cause would be conductive of Walmart’s ESG in community leadership as a company. Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts prepare for a lifetime of leadership, success, and to be ‘prepared for life,’ so why not add relevant business life skills to enhance these girls and boys who are future entrepreneurs? Let us bring them in off the ‘streets’ (in front of our stores) and show them how to market and make a profit from sales of cookies and candies by putting them on our shelves. This business strategy would be in alignment with the core values of ‘Save money. Live better.’ (Ferguson, 2019). Teach, mentor, and show the Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts alike to learn how to profit to make them viable leaders all over the world from a big mogul like Walmart. They would go through ‘soup-to-nuts’ on how to build their brand and to earn monies to sustain their events. Each Girl Scout and Boy Scout receives a ‘business patch’ with Walmart’s endorsement on the patch (Girl Scouts of America, and Boy Scouts Of America, 2019).

In conclusion, after reviewing the three causes, I would like to propose we go with the ‘The Arc’ program. At this present day and age, we need to actively improve our inclusive sourcing and build a lasting relationship with the I/DD community. Our reputation is on the line, and we need to by law (EEOC) be sensitive to societal needs, on what is right and wrong. We did a great injustice by revamping our job description so that there would be no I/DD ‘front door greeters’ as not to include these individuals. In our reading of, Kohlberg’s fourth stage, Law and Order, Ethics in the Workplace, tells us that, ‘An action that promotes the harmony and smooth functioning of society seen as right. An action that interferes with the social order seen as wrong. As a result, individuals in Stage 4 have a strong sense of citizenship, duty, responsibility, and obedience to the law’ (Bredeson& Goree, 2012, p. 35). Walmart needs to be social conscience citizens and ‘Do The Right Thing!’ by correcting our mistake. Walmart should be true to our goals set in 2019 ESG report, ‘Walmart has committed to using our ability to bring together stakeholders, including industries, civil society, governments, and international organizations, to address the major potential risks to the dignity of workers in a minimum of 10 retail supply chains by 2025.’ We should stay committed and on track (Walmart, Inc., 2019).

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