The Arguments for Eliminating Standardized Testing

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A study done by Spector of New York Times shows “about three quarters of psychologists from the state’s nearly seven hundred school districts said state tests are causing great stress” (Spector, 1). Many students are required to take standardized tests nationwide which results in a lot of stress. Low energy, headaches, an upset stomach, aches, pains, and tense muscles are all symptoms caused by stress. Not only does testing create stress, but not all testing is accurate. Therefore, standardized testing should be eliminated because it is inaccurate and creates stress.

Some might argue that standardized testing is mandatory and should be used in order to receive information pertaining to the student’s qualifications however, evidence shows that nearly “70% of standardized tests do not meet the criteria taught in school” (Spector, 2). This goes to show that standardized tests don’t better a student’s educational values nor do they show what students need to improve on. The only circumstances in which standardized testing should be used is if it follows the school’s criteria and shows what each student needs to improve on.

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The biggest factor that goes against standardized testing is the amount of stress that it puts on students. “Eighteen out of thirty eight fourth graders rated stress levels in the high range because of standardized testing” (Spector, 2). With this being said young students, such as fourth graders, shouldn’t be amounted to that much stress at such a young age. Standardized testing is already very stressful for students but it also includes a lot of additional studying beforehand. “On average, teachers estimate spending 14 days preparing students for mandated exams” (Robelen, 1). By saying this, the author is trying to explain that this is too much time spent preparing for exams that don’t meet school criteria and they could be learning more valuable information. “When it comes to test prep, sixty two percent of teachers say they spend too much time readying students for state-mandated exams' (Robelen, 1). This shows that not only students believe too much time is spent on state-mandated exams but teachers as well.

In conclusion, standardized testing is time consuming for both students and teachers, the tests are inaccurate, and they’re stressful. In addition, the many hours spent preparing for standardized tests could be used to learn vital information. Standardized testing is inaccurate and creates stress. With this information, students should not stress because it doesn’t better them for the future in the long run.

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