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The Aspects Of Ambient Intelligence

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In this computing world full of technologies, ambient intelligence makes reference to electronic environments that are sensitive and susceptible to the presence of people. Ambient intelligence makes an eyeshot on the future of consumer electronics, telecommunications and computing that was originally developed in the late 1990s.


This article deals with an emerging discipline, ambient intelligence that brings the runtimeactivities and the environments thatis sensitive to us.It opens up the world with unprecedented experiences and would impose major challenges on multimedia research.

In the development of ambient-intelligent environment,distributed multimedia applications and their processing on embedded static and mobile platforms will play a major role. The development of ambient intelligence applications must satisfy the needs of users and effectively fit the environments that require the presence of planning mechanisms for mission oriented behavior.A planning system for ambient intelligence(AML) applications is based on the hierarchical task network (HTN) approach and distributed hierarchical task network (D-HTN). It could be able to find courses of actions to direct the given goals. The application areas of AML include health-related applications, public transportation sector, education services and so on. It is allied with the concept of ‘disappearing computer’, since the AMLmake the technology invisible. The technology disappears as the devices grow smaller, more connected and more integrated into our environment.

Key technologies

The asset of an ambient intelligence system is measured by how much it can provide with, to people while minimizing explicit interaction.

  • Unobtrusive hardware
  • Fixed communication and computing infrastructure
  • Dynamic and massively distributed device networks which are easy to control and program
  • Human centric computer networks
  • Depended and secure system devices

Ambient intelligence is established on three technologies:

  • i. Ubiquitous computing
  • ii. Ubiquitous communication
  • iii. Intelligent user interface

Ubiquitous computing

The integration of microprocessors into day to day objects that refers to furniture, clothes or toys. In this type of computing, people will not be aware about presence of computers, they will be in the background.This computing can be made to appear anytime and everywhere.A user interacts with the computer, which exists in many different forms, including laptop computers, tablets and terminals.

Ubiquitous Communication

Ubiquitous networking, known as pervasive networking, which is the distribution of communication infrastructure and wireless technologies throughout the environment to enable ceaseless connectivity. This capacity is an essential component of pervasive computing.

Intelligent user interface

An intelligent user interface is a user interface (UI) that involves some aspect of artificial intelligence (AI). Generally, an IUI involves the computer-side having sophisticated knowledge of the domain and a model of the user. These allow the interface to better understand the user’s needs and guide the interaction.

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Social and political aspects of AML

The ISTAG advisory group suggests that the followingcharacteristics that would permit

  • Open doors for human contact.
  • focus towards community and cultural enhancement.
  • to increase knowledge and skills for work, better quality ofwork, citizenship and consumer choice.
  • stimulate trust and confidence.
  • consistent with long term sustainability-personal, societaland environmental-and lifelong learning.
  • make easy to live with and controllable by common people.

AML, capable to deliver personalized services automatically in high hopes of the needs of the inhabitants and visitors.

International Science and Technology Affairs Group did not deeply define the specifications for AML. It acclaimed the complexity and quick evolution of thetechnologies and marts involved. Alternatively, it took a broadapproach and identified the areas that needs to be worked for realization of AML in factors of technology, society andbusiness.

The ‘ambient’ side of the system comprises of sensors,processors, communications and flexible software. Theyhave made vast progress in the bygone few years. The smartphone and IoT markets will continue to drivethe compactness and cost reduction. Within few upcoming time, the technologies can practically be built into everythingaround us. The ‘Intelligence’ side of the system will determine the knife edge of an AML deployment.


Smart home

In premises of the smart home, ambient intelligent devicesgently pay attention to the actions of end users in certain environments- knowledge of what people do, their response, and their interests-to make intuitive and data-based predicts regarding what users want and which action to perform. Ambient Intelligence represents one of the more progressive, almost esoteric elements in development of smart home.

Flow of information

Elements that may be included in the high level’Decision Making’ process are a knowledge repository’ wherethe events are gathered and an ‘AI reasoner’ i.e.,for instancespatio-temporal reasoning to take decisions.

System flow

Ambient Intelligence aims to promote the way peopleinteract with their environment to promote safety and toupgrade their lives. A smart home is one such system yet theidea advances to hospitals, public transport, factories and otherenvironments.


After the introduction of AML vision, it isnow technically practical to aid many of the elements.It has the potential to disrupt business models in many areas. Even so, AML still needs to buildup the trust and confidenceof the public. It demands a lot of emphasis in accuracy,security, reliability and privacy protection.Also, ambient Intelligence joins several vital areasof computing that are connected through new technology. It allows developments that could change the waysystem help us or can possibly help us in our daily life.

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