The Aspects of Dystopian Societies in Divergent and The Giver

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Throughout history, humankind has strived for perfection in every aspect of humanity, yet it has never been attained. There is a very fine line between perfection and disaster and the result is ultimately based upon the decisions made by people in authority. In dystopian societies where individuality is considered abnormal or wrong, the line between order and repression is easily blurred; as evidenced in the texts divergent and the giver.

The two texts Divergent and The giver are both set in a dystopian society. Divergent is a text about a society divided into five factions Dauntless (the brave), Erudite (the intelligent), Abnegation (the selfless) Amity( the kind) and Candor(the honest). After the age of 16, a ceremony takes places which allow each member in the society to choose which faction that is suitable for them, but before taking part in the ceremony each member must participate in an aptitude test which determines what faction is suitable for each member based on their personalities and interest. Beatrice Prior who is the main character is a 16 years old girl who later changes her name to Tris. Tris is a divergent, someone who does not belong in any faction and is a threat to the system . Tris was originated from abnegation but later changes to dauntless which reveals that she can possess different virtues.

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On the other hand hunger games is also a dystopian text displayed in a futuristic world wherein the society two participants from each district a boy and a girl are chosen to participate in the hunger games, a nationally televised event and entertainment.Eevery citizen in the community is forced to watch as the participants kill each other. During the election prim Katniss, 12 years old who is the younger of Katniss Everdeen the main protagonist is selected as one of the tributes, Katniss not wanting to lose her sister volunteers to take her place. Katniss Everdeen and her male partner peter Mellark represent district 12.

Both texts were set in a futuristic world the government is the anti protagonists, in both texts the government eliminate traits that allow us to be humans such as freedom and having choices. The Hunger Games, Katniss tells us, become a way for the rulers in the Capitol to flex their big old muscles. The main purpose is to remind the Districts how weak they are – and that their deaths are televised entertainment. In this sense, the Games are a form of control. In the hunger games, the society is divided into 12 disregarded poor districts, which are all overruled by the wealthy Capitol city. There is inequality between the capitol and the districts because the capitol has access to most of the country of Panem’s wealth, the government is able to control the people in all of the districts across Panem through prohibiting free will, and peoples freedom to have an opinion or thouths. The capital controls everything that happens in the district forcing every member to work, members have no choice and are assigned with a job they’ll likely do for the rest of their lives.

In divergent dauntless have power over the other factions, having control and telling everyone what to and destroying things. Erudite is another faction that has power because they are the intelligence, erudite wants to control everything, change the society and eliminate all the divergents. These two factions join together to destroy the other factions. The factions system control citizens by making people choose factions over their families because they're encouraged to follow the results of the aptitude test.

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