The Aspects Of Love In Shakespeare’s Play Romeo And Juliet And Film Five Feet Apart

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William Shakespeare, a monumental playwriter in society has explored many contrasting themes throughout his works. His writings embrace themes such as love, tragedies and comedies. Shakespeare’s most famous writing, “Romeo and Juliet”, describes the love tragedy between two naïve young lovers in Verona, Italy. The tale “Romeo and Juliet”, was written during the Elizabethan era and is set in the 14th century. This time distinction displays how Shakespeare explores universal themes that were not only relevant during the time of his creations but, can relate and be explored through popular culture today, including the 2019 film “Five Feet Apart”. Shakespeare’s play, “Romeo and Juliet” and the modern film “Five Feet Apart”, both investigate confronting topics, specifically the extremities and aspects of love. Through Shakespeare’s exploration of the human condition, themes such as the forcefulness of love, love as a cause of violence and the naivety of youth are viewed in depth which can be relatable today.

Shakespeare’s play production of “Romeo and Juliet” explores the deep “forcefulness of love” (SparkNotes, 2019). Shakespeare presents the strong love, lust and compassion between Romeo and Juliet which pushes them to defy their social groups. Juliet reaching so far as to threaten to leave the Capulets by saying, “Or if thou wilt not, be but sworn my love, and ill no longer be a Capulet”. This presents the full force of their love and the heights that the couple would go to in order to be together. Shakespeare portrays love as an emotion which captures the characters beings and forces them against the world and each other. This strength is also presented in the 2019 film “Five Feet Apart”. The main characters Stella and Will are forced apart, not by conflict, but by their illnesses. This major road block is seen as impossible for most, yet the full power of their love connection encourages them to go against all odds. Both the popular culture film “Five Feet Apart”, and the play “Romeo and Juliet” display the chaos and passion of being in love, and the tidal wave of emotions and repercussions that may occur.

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Shakespeare’s passionate play, “Romeo and Juliet”, not only presents love as a heart-warming emotion but expresses it as a cause of violence. The inevitability of danger throughout Romeo and Juliet’s relationship is fuel to the bright flame explosion which is their love. Their passion and yearning for one another blinds the two lovers from the world and danger around them, making them appear careless and irrational. Act 3: Scene 6, “If all else fail, myself have the power to die”. The young paramours throughout the play threaten the most potent expression of love by being willing to end their lives in defence and expression of their adoration. Although this theme may not be presented at such an extreme example as in the play write, it is a common universal theme throughout the world today. As displayed in the film “Five Feet Apart” the characters Will and Stella also behold similar themes and characteristics. The two lovers so consumed with the idea of experiencing the world together, risk their lives and push the boundaries of their illnesses. Love as a cause of violence is viewed within both couples and characters as individuals. The characteristics of self-sabotage, precarious actions, selflessness and passion can be viewed throughout relationships in the 21st century.

Throughout the play “Romeo and Juliet”, Shakespeare captures the true essence of the naivety of youth within the characters. At the beginning of the play Shakespeare shows Juliet describing herself as, “an impatient child’’ and “yet a stranger in the world”, her views rapidly change when she is blinded by the love and lust, she feels towards Romeo. The young age of the lovers makes them exposed to emotional manipulation and vulnerability. Both Romeo and Juliet ignore any advice and guidance that the Friar Lawrence and other characters offer, which displays a level of immaturity to the audience. Similar naivety is viewed in the film “Five Feet Apart”. The characters, Will and Stella, contain a desperation to experience the world and love with one another that they do not consider the consequences of their actions. The fantasy of being a “normal teenage couple” seems to enhance their naivety, and results in the couple putting themselves in serious danger and adding emotional strain on the friends and family around them. Such innocence and inexperience are viewed throughout couples today and is a universal theme that will continue for centuries to come. Both the film “Five Feet Apart” and “Romeo and Juliet” present stories which show the extreme result of naivety.

Through Shakespeare’s exploration of the human condition throughout his works it is apparent that he is highly relevant and respected throughout today’s society. The monumental playwriter explores themes which are applicable for people throughout the 21st century. More specifically Shakespeare’s 14th century passionate play “Romeo and Juliet” explores the idea of the forcefulness of love, love as a cause of violence, and the naivety of youth. Similarly, these universal topics are also viewed in the 2019 romantic film “Five Feet Apart”. The journeys of both characters from the play, and film express distinctive differences, nonetheless they both explore and display corresponding themes and ideas. Shakespeare’s investigation of the human condition and universal themes throughout his works present a relevance and significance in today’s modern society.

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