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The Aspects Of Redefining Success

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Everyone wants to be successful by nature. But what is success? Merriam-Webster defines success as “the fact of getting or achieving wealth, respect, or fame” Success can be found individually, in groups, in neighborhoods, and as a country. If you truly measure success, monetary wealth may not be the first thing you measure. Measuring possessions would not make the cut either. Besides, you cannot take either of those things with you when you leave this earthly world. You can find success all over the internet with images of rich people and powerful people. The images of what success looks like. Success can take on many forms that do not include wealth or fame, like actions toward others, parenting, and personal accomplishments. Success can be happiness or being considerate. Success can be helpful or caring. Success can even be a person without monetary value that contributes positively to humankind. focuses on people who take full responsibility for their own development and income,’ and provides personal and professional development

What in case success was measured by how you make others feel? Or the values you ingraining in your children? Or perhaps victory may well be measured by how upbeat you are and how frequently you make others upbeat. If you think of success do not think about wealth, or respect, or fame. What comes to people’s minds is Mother Theresa, or Gandhi, or even Ellen DeGeneres and how they lived (or are living in Ellen’s case) their lives. The individuals they full of feeling in a positive light. Success is not measured within the sum of cash or ownership you have got, or how capable or popular you are. It is difficult to measure success.

Success can be measured in many ways that do not have to include wealth or fame. Success can be defined by the good that one does, success can come in the form of a teacher that is compassionate and caring with their students. There are children in the world that the only kind word they may hear all day is from their teacher saying, “This drawing is just perfect!”. Another child could have just lost a parent or a grandparent and begin to exhibit unusual behavior and change from normal previous behavior to perform poorly on schoolwork. A successful teacher would be sensitive to this situation and offer extra time with the student rather than place a huge red “D” on the student’s paper. Success can be realized in so many ways other than status and money.

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A father that has successfully raised his children with morals and values would be another way to measure success. The father that takes the time to teach his children about the old saying, “Do onto others as you want to be done to you” would be capturing the teachable moment and lovingly explain why we say that. The adult child that will hold the door at the grocery store for someone carrying heavy bags was brought up by a successful father. The person that will stop when they see someone stranded on the side of the road to offer help was raised by a successful father. These things cannot be measured, but they are hallmarks of a successful father.

The person who may not have much treasure possessions but the success of a popular and desirable is considered. Maybe it is your co-worker who always has a smile and a kind word to brighten your day or the person at your local grocery store who checks you out every time that carefully bags your produce and asks you how your day is. Or someone else working in the neighborhood that stops to talk with the teenager in you and tells a few jokes. People such as these are the kind of people who do not feel obligated to make your day better; they just do.

Success is something that can be achieved over a period, in other words it is based on what everyone perceives as a success, not Merriam-Webster’s literal definition of the word. Each one of us can be successful in our own personal way. Reaching a personal goal or completing a difficult task can be considered a personal success. Obtaining a learn what you want and get a job is also considered, a success, along with being perfectly content with the life you have built. Success is accomplishing the goal you have set for yourself which is why it is subjective. No one can succeed beyond anyone else, just not in the defined way of Merriam-Webster

If you have ever planned to finish a project or study for a test or even took the time to teach your child about right and wrong; you are a success. Can you measure something that is not measurable? Success cannot be compared to your next-door neighbor, your sister, your co-worker, or even your spouse. Success is within us when we set out to do something and achieve it. Successful people are those that can find joy in their life, and maybe that means someone who is not rich or powerful or even famous. Maybe, just maybe that means you.

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