The Aspects Of Religion In Mainstream Media

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Table of contents

  1. Television effects on religion
  2. Portrayal of occupation
  3. Religious programming
  4. Conclusion

Television effects on religion

Most people argue that the presence of television as a medium of communication is the root cause of religious issues in media in a profound way. The aspect has perceived the reality about religion, and because of this, the religious values have been tampered with. Christianity radically shapes everything in one life. However, different media programs have changed religion by far and beyond. TV programs, for instance, those that air fundamentally secular programs have contributed significantly to the depleting of moral values.TV preachers are usually the starts are always attractive and affluent like movie stars. However, the worship of TV is not participatory, and the audience only sits at home observes but lacks communal worship experience like group singing, the liturgy of praying. The church is regarded as a whole place where people gather and worship with referenced. Still, there is no comparable sacred space while watching religious TV programs from the house, where one may be sitting in dirty or almost naked drinking beer during the sermon.

Pastors have become the center point of providing the worship that is conducive to televisions even when the service itself is not televised. The modern congregation wants to be entertained and amused since they are used to watching evangelist in TVs. The trend has dramatically affected the church since the usual sermons since the congregation wants rock music genres with computerized multimedia presentations in church. When considering these factors, do you think this is the creative way of reaching out to the people, or it’s a method of selling souls? The answer may not be obvious; however, considering the factors, it is evident that the region with television is more misleading than bringing people close to God.

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The issue of religion being absent from mainstream entertainment has been declined by many people who still identify themselves as Christians, based on the study, 73% of Americans identify themselves as Christians. However, this number drops significantly when it comes to influences like media entertainment and other factors.Based on the article about Media portrayal of groups, Christianity has been a love or hate relationship with culture and especially media. , historical events technology and innovations has been perceived as the threat to Christianity when it comes to rinsing of Christianity. However, the Catholic Church was able to rise against the Spector of printing press, fearing the ability of the common person to read the bible by himself would undermine the authority of the church.

Portrayal of occupation

The mainstream media has, however, not been active in covering religious matters and dimensions to secular news. According to Hoover, this is because of the number of mistaken beliefs. The first mistake is that once society is more modern and advanced, it becomes more secular and less religious. The facts are widely believed in Americans’ intellectual life, despite the increased poll argument that most Americans are believers. In the traditional period, media was involved in the presentation of religion through journalism. However, the mass media era started with the development of the mass press, together with the development of new audiences with the development of new content. Before the beginning of the mass press, most press in Europe and other areas were partisan in one way or the other. However, the new economy of mass publication meant to be freed from patronage. The effect of media on religion is the central role played by media and the global rituals in public events.

Another aspect is that religions are a private matter, and therefore its s mostly outside the public discourse realm together with the journalist realm. Third, the region may make claims outside beyond the realm of what is known and concrete. Journalism only deals with the verification of sources; however, religion is unverified fundamentally. Religion is complex and difficult to cover in a brief media. Although religion is a controversial subject, therefore, without a particular objective, it is likely to offend someone.

Religious programming

In the United States and some other places across the western parts, religious programming has continued to be a trilling business. Some of the business includes selling and distributing books going against Christian values. Selling music produced by the secular artist in the name of the gospel. Although there were Christian broadcasting and radio programs as well as televisions, modern TV and radio evangelism does not emulate the traditional gospel. Despite the emphasis of evangelism, Christian TV programs attract more unbelievers who serve to reinforce the existing beliefs of the viewers. However, most of these television ministries have been criticized because of gaining tax advantage while imploring viewers


There is a need for the mainstream media to make more consistent while affirming the religious sources, instead of believing in the non-affirming and negative religious voices. Overlooking the mainstream media and affirming the sources, journalists can contribute as well as perpetuate the deal that the religious are identifies by definition, unlike mainstream media equality. When looking at the organizations represented explicitly by religious believers, there is a common profile of cultural; conservativeness that seeks to influence political debate. The idea is made possible through the biblical and Christian values that explicit the endorsement of the governmental services people.

Finally, the media need to be fair and accurate on how religious voices are presented. Favoring the evangelical voices of evangelical Christian as well as Roman Catholics is not appropriate, accurate, nor balancing. Therefore the mainstream media should eliminate the assumptions about religiosity, sexuality, values and other intersection within the voices and their influential presence in the news. Religious programs like Christian broadcasting and religious professionals are not well represented on us televisions. When they are shown, they look more saintly but with shallow characters with worst and vicious hypocrites hiding behind extreme evils. Such characters need to be evoked and all other criticism of the program that is against Christianity.

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