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The Aspects Of True Happiness

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It is probably okay to say that everyone in the world wants to be truly happy and that they want to enjoy their time on earth, but mainly everybody struggles with being truly happy. It is just something that doesn’t come naturally for many. Happiness really depends on your own way to feel joy, to have certain people around you or doing something you love like a hobby, or something that brings meaning and purpose to your life. Happiness does not come out of thin air you have to decide when to be happy, and what makes you truly happy. You must decide that you are going to be happy no matter what life throws your way. Many people have their own definition of happiness but what is the actual meaning of happiness.

Happiness, according to, means the state of being happy. This definition doesn’t really mean much. Wikipedia gives a more in-depth definition of happiness. It says happiness is the feeling of an emotion such as pleasure or joy, the appraisal of life satisfaction or the quality of life, subjective well-being and eudaimonia (Wikipedia para.1). It is very difficult to find a good definition of what happiness means, because many do not really have an explanation of what happiness is, they just know it when they feel it. Happiness changes in everybody just because you are super happy today does not mean you will have the same amount of happiness the next day or in the next second or minute. This is because of short term happiness. “Short-term happiness is based on the release of the chemical Dopamine in our brain. This organic chemical is released whenever we are stimulated by things that please us (Hugo, 22)” When the event is over so is the happiness that you felt. It just disappears quickly. Short term happiness is stimulated by things like laughing with friends, watching funny videos, basically anything that you love doing. Long term happiness is something very different from short term happiness. It is created by feeling happy about your purpose in life, and things that you have accomplished in life. Long term happiness is not based on an event like short term happiness. As Hugo stated, “Long-term happiness is created by feeling happy about your purpose in life, the successes that you’ve had and/or the satisfaction of who you are and what you’ve accomplished” (Hugo,26). Basically, what you should realize is that your definition of happiness is unique things that make you happy may not make others happy.

Instead of thinking about our problems we should think about solutions to help solve our problems faster. Each day many people find something good that they enjoy doing. Maybe it is something super small, such as buying a book, eating, watching your favorite tv show, going watch a movie with friends or boyfriend or even just a family member, or something as simple as walking around and enjoying nature but whatever it is if it makes you feel happy and at peace then do those things more often. Small things can bring the most happiness to our lives. Happiness is not what you feel from the outside, but it’s something that comes from inside you.

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Many people spend a lot of time searching for the meaning of happiness. They want to find out what makes them truly happy in life. Many people think that money is key to happiness but that is where they are very wrong money can only contribute to their happiness. Even though money matters and can help you get things that are needed, it’s by all account not the only thing that adds to our joy. On the chance that cash implies covering the entirety of our essential needs, it can emphatically add to joy. In any case, after essential needs are met, expanding your extra cash adheres to the theory of consistent losses (Booth 8). Happiness is not about where you are or what you have, but these things contribute to the happiness that you have. Happiness is about loving yourself and where you’re at in life. According to Stephanie Booth, ‘The stuff we think gives us “happiness” right now—such as scrolling through social media—activates the brain’s ancient motivation-and-reward system, and only gives us momentary pleasure.” (11) Many things can make you happy for a while, but the true emotion of happiness is living the best life possible.

Happiness is not being happy all the time. Researchers have found that all most all happy people still experience happiness from time to time. Level of happiness can change in response to some live events. Many people need to see happiness as a journey and not a destination. We tend view our joy as something that occurred before, or something that will occur later in life. Individuals invest the greater part of their energy commending the past or attempting to accomplish something later. They see joy as a goal. Something to accomplish. According to Steve, “happiness is a combination of how satisfied you are with your life, how good you feel on a daily basis, and how engaged you are with your network of family and friends.” (springs, 52). They forget they are living in the present and not in the past. As Steve Spring stated “No achievement in the future is going to make them extremely happy. No amount of money is going to buy their happiness. No relationship is going to guarantee their happiness. They need to learn to fully enjoy living in the present.” (spring, 34-38). There are some people that focus on being happy, but they end up being less happy.

Happiness can come in two different ways. The first way is on a standard level, there are numerous ways we can prepare our mind in happiness. For instance, we can pick adoring musings, words, and activities. The more we develop love, sympathy, euphoria and unbiasedness, the more we will end up being an energetic wellspring of satisfaction for other people. Also, for ourselves as well. The second way is on a significant level, when we are in contact with our actual nature happiness normally emerges. We don’t need to successfully make it. It just streams up when we reside in our characteristic psyche. Different feelings may emerge like misery, outrage, stress, or dread; however, they won’t really stick if we become acclimated with essentially resting free and open space of our unique mind. These two ways to deal with developing bliss are interconnected. Effectively captivating in positive contemplations, words, and deeds carries us closer to our actual nature. At the point when we are in contact with our actual nature, these positive characteristics immediately show. On there are steps for a more lasting happiness the first step is to eliminate negative thoughts, actions, and words. The second step is to adopt positive attitudes, actions, and words. The last step is to reconnect with your true nature through meditation. These steps may help some people, but may not help others, but it is a good start to helping people find happiness throughout their life.

Many people have their own definition of true happiness. Happiness is in what you do in your daily life and what makes you truly happy. Happiness can come from anywhere at any time. Many people feel happiness when they are doing something, and others feel happy when they are not doing anything at all they could be playing a game or watching tv and feel happy. Happiness is different for everybody on Earth. No one can tell you what happiness really is, only you can say what happiness really is. According to Stephanie, “people’s striving for some ideal “happiness” is one of the great causes of unhappiness in the world” (27). Joy is having fulfillment and importance throughout everyday life. It’s the capacity to feel positive feelings. The capacity to beat negative feelings. The capacity to interface with others. One thing everyone should understand is to not go around chasing happiness, just let it come to you and you will not be disappointed. Happiness is very hard to define, but happiness is doing what you love to do and having true happiness can take you a long way.

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