The Battle for New Orleans and Its Hero, Andrew Jackson: An Essay

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The Battle of New Orleans, led by General Andrew Jackson may not have won The War of 1812, but its impact is still seen by America today, many key features include who Jackson was, what led to the Battle of New Orleans, and most important the victory of the Battle of New Orleans. The Battle of New Orleans was a battle that made an impactful difference in America’s pride after the War of 1812. Andrew Jackson was a respectable general who fought for what he believed in with a firing passion. During the Battle of New Orleans, Andrew Jackson made effective executive decisions on how to take out such a large and organized military. Many Americans believed the Battle of New Orleans is the reason the War of 1812 ended. Though it was a huge success, The Battle of New Orleans did not end the war. The Treaty of Ghent was a treaty between America and the British settling all disputes and to ensure the British keeping their promises to America from the Revolutionary War. Before the Battle of New Orleans, Andrew Jackson showed leadership as a general by running out the Indians from attacking Americans. The Native Americans were attacking American towns and running back into the Spanish territory of Florida so the Americans couldn’t chase them because they didn’t want to start a war with Spain. Andrew Jackson was asked to solve the problem and he did as he was told. Jackson gathered his militia and marched into Florida and wiped out the Indians from all their attacks on American soil.

Andrew Jackson was a brave war hero who raised up out of the dirt from his childhood. Jackson was born during the Revolutionary War shortly after his father had passed away. Jackson had a raging hatred for the British because he had lost his whole family during the Revolutionary War. He had lost his mother as a young boy and had to fend for himself. Starting out as a poor orphan boy, Jackson raised himself up to become a lawyer, respectable general, and future president of America. Jackson gained people’s respect from leading many victories in battels. He would march his army and defeat the enemy with ease in Tallushatchee, Talladega, and was an enormous success in the Battle of Horseshoe Bend.

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The Battle of New Orleans happened after the War of 1812 officially ended. The Treaty of Ghent was signed in Europe just before the battle stated. The news of the treaty did not make it to America for a while, so the warriors kept fighting. The British General Edward Pakenham was hiding in Jamaica resting his army and thinking of ways to attack on America. General Ross was ordered to execute the plan to seize New Orleans, but he was killed in battle so General Pakenham was next to do the job. The plan made sense because New Orleans was a big part in America’s economy. The port of the Mississippi River ran into the ocean and most shipments came through there. The British had a large army and a detailed plan, but not good enough.

General Andrew Jackson was making his way to New Orleans with an extremely small army. Jackson and his militia had little ammunition and not much supplies. Jackson made a deal with Layfette if he were to relieve him of his crimes, Layfette would give General Jackson his cannon. Jackson and his army make their way to New Orleans and prepare for the British to approach them in New Orleans. Jackson knew the British were going to be coming in hot and heavy, so he needed to come up with a defense plan to protect himself and his army from the incoming threat. Andrew Jackson and his army built a wall of cotton put together with sticks and mud to use as a barrier to protect them from incoming bullets from the British during the battle. The British had a plan to bring ladders and just climb over the wall of cotton. The British were making their way up to fight and realized they forgot their ladders and had to turn around and go back to retrieve them.

The British’s plan was to overrun Andrew Jackson’s army at any cost. The British generals did not believe that such a small army could beat them. “No such execution by small arms has ever been heard of”, - said E.N. Burroughs. As the British approached, Jackson ordered his men to only fire at the Red Coats if they had a sure shot of killing them. The Americans had to quickly reload their guns because the British were so close, they had to be ready for the next solider right behind the one they just shot. Jackson had to think thoroughly because the British outnumbered the Americans by a lot of soldiers. The Americans had an advantage because the British were walking directly into their fire, but the Red Coats had more men and ammunition to fight with. the British were failing trying to get up the cotton wall and losing men extremely quick. They couldn’t see the Americans shooting at them and they had no defense while climbing up the walls. The British were not looking good at this point. They had already made the mistake of forgetting the ladders and now dropping like flies trying to climb the wall.

General Andrew Jackson was a careful leader. With his experience in past battles such as the Battle of Horseshoe Bend, he knew what to expect. Jackson needed to think clearly and efficiently. General Andrew Jackson was a determined leader and always had fire in his eyes. Jackson never let his guard down while preparing and resting before a battle. He showed himself as a natural born leader ready to go to battle at any time. General Jackson had an extreme temper. The rage in Jackson built up from the days he lost his family in the Revolutionary War and every event that had happened until these times of bravery. Jackson showed his men how to fight and shared unique techniques to defend themselves. Jackson ordered his army to shoot the British command first. The soldiers needed to aim for the men calling the shots and riding horses. Once the main ones were taken out, the American soldiers were ordered to go down the command line and kill every single one that came up. The British army was too large to withhold, so this tactic was very much needed for the Americans. Once the British command was out, the soldiers didn’t know what to do. They had no lead and were starting to become unorganized and had to surrender. The great American victory of the Battle of New Orleans led by Andrew Jackson was fulfilled. The British soldiers buried their dead and the nuns prayed.

During this time the Americans believed the Battle of New Orleans had won The War of 1812. They were proud citizens and had this way of thinking even after they had received the message about the Treaty of Ghent. This affects America today because it boosted pride in the country and the way a general will need to lead. General Andrew Jackson was a role model and loved by most people because he did not care what people thought and went with his instincts. The Battle of New Orleans was a huge success and is still a large aspect in American pride today, and Andrew Jackson is still considered the hero of this battle.


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