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The Being A Student Athlete Is Difficult

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This research will discuss about difficulty of being a student athlete. researcher chose this topic because being a student athlete herself, She already know the feeling of being one. And because her, being a student athlete it makes her more eager to know more about the struggles and difficulties they're facing, as time goes by.

Being student athlete is not easy because 'Being a student athlete is one of the most rewarding and stressful thing ever. You have to maintain different activities at one time, including the fact that you have to maintain a certain GPA to be qualified as an athlete on any team. Student athletes have much more to prioritize than the average student' (Brown,2016).

The researcher interviewed her father and said that,' I have to go to school in the morning, and after class I have to rush in the school gym to train. And if I got late, I have to do some suicides to pay for it' (Lomtong,2019). Her father was once a student athlete, playing basketball for Pasay City West high School and once experienced the curse of being a student athlete.

That's not all, because while you're playing more and long, it makes it more difficult because 'Being a college athlete means being different. It means having different experiences, more responsibility and being held to a higher standard' (Sheridan,2018). It is harder than being a normal student, grade school and high school, specially when we're talking about being a college student mixed with being a student athlete. It makes it more hard to handle.

Well, we all know that every student have their own routine everyday, but if you're a student athlete, your everyday routine is 'wake up. Class. Training. Rest. Sleep. And if you did'nt notice, I didn't even include studying and doing homework as part of the routine, which means that when there's work due, student athletes have to sacrifice vital rest time (or worse, sleep time) to compensate for it' (Pessumal,2016). Just like what Von Pessumal of Ateneo Blue Eagles said, being a student athlete is like being a hero, you have to take risks and sacrifice all for it.

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Being student athlete not just means having a struggle and being stressed, because in some point it's also helpful specially for those who are in public school before and don't have a stable life. It gives them a chance to study in private schools and will get some allowance, If you're really consistent and passionate about it, because 'If you're one of the fortunate student athletes to receive an athletic scholarship, you know how much it can help in alleviating the cost of school and making your sport all the more worth playing' (Team,2017). Team Stath said it can help you study in any university you want and it can help you by having a scholarship.

And talking about being sporty, you should motivate yourself,'Every single day I think as an athlete, I pressure myself because I really wanted to improve, or till I see in my performance that I can push myself even more. But quitting? It never passed my mind, even if the training is very hard' (Valdez,2018). Always motivate and push yourself up every single day like how Alyssa Valdez did. She's really passionate and she really loves playing her sport, volleyball.

Now, the researcher found out that being student athlete is more difficult than she thought it was before. She found out that being student athlete is more difficult when the student athlete comes to being a college students as well, but she knows that everything can be handled if you know how to manage your time.

The researcher also knew that there are many opportunities coming when you're a student athlete, good student athlete rather, such as having scholarship to study in a university and getting paid at the same time, which is called allowance.

Being student athlete can help you with so many things. It teaches you on how to be a respectful and responsible student, athlete, specially a respectful and responsible individual and most especially it will teach you greatly on time management. You'll learn how to manage your time wisely, sacrificing and taking risks just to overcome your long loving sport and also to help your family by not paying your studying in a private university and being paid as well, you can give them some of your allowance to help them to pay your bills and others that they have to pay for your everyday living.


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