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The Benefits And Factors Of Vegans

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I chose this topic because as a vegan, and someone who firmly believes in what veganism stands for, it is very important for the representative of our University to understand the impact that Veganism has on our planet. It is meaningful to express the viewpoints of one who is vegan and explain the benefits that this choice has on so many environmental factors. I would like for the representative of Colorado State University to understand veganism in a greater capacity and choose to practice veganism. With this choice being made by someone who is so impactful to the students of CSU, I believe that action could follow in the students of Colorado State University. The most successful outcome that could be achieved, in my viewpoint, would be for Joyce McConnell to choose veganism and express this choice with her own thoughts and opinions to students and provide for a change of perspective throughout CSU. With this change in perspective, it would then be possible for students to follow the standard set from President McConnell and create an environment of understanding the benefits veganism has on the world and choose to become vegan.

As the face of Colorado State University and the most influential representative, it is important to stress why the choice you can make to become a vegan can have a huge impact on yourself, the students, and the environment of Colorado State University. Let me start by providing with you seven thought-provoking facts.

  • Vegans spare the lives of about 200 animals per year
  • Being vegan cuts your carbon footprint in HALF
  • Switching to a plant-based diet can add FOUR years to your life
  • Vegans save 1,100 gallons of water each day
  • Vegans are up to 32% less likely than meat eaters to suffer from illnesses or death due to heart disease
  • Vegans save 45 pounds of grain each day
  • Vegans are 30% less likely to have a stroke (Von Alt).

Now that you have read and understand just these seven simple truths of choosing to go vegan, let’s dive deeper into the benefits veganism has on not only your personal health, but the health of both the planet and animals.

Hundreds of innocent animals’ lives being saved per year should be reason enough to choose to go vegan. In the viewpoint of a vegan, it makes no sense that human-beings scoff at the idea of eating their own pet dog or cat, though think it is perfectly normal to eat, for example; a chicken, pig or cow, all of which are also common pets for many who choose to live a farming lifestyle. For a single person to have the ability to save roughly two-hundred animals a year, you are saving that many animals from suffering through the slaughtering that takes place during meat production. Pigs average a lifetime of around twelve years, though they are being slaughtered at the age of four. Male dairy cows have a natural lifetime of twenty years and are being killed between 1-24 weeks. And, cows used for meat are being killed at eighteen months with an average lifetime of twenty years as well. With that being noted, not only are we inhumanely slaughtering these animals, the age of which they are being killed is not even a half of their natural lifetimes.

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Similarly, while not only should the lives of these innocent animals be kept in mind every time someone chooses to eat any sort of animal product, the planet is also a huge factor in the benefits of choosing to go vegan. As noted in the facts provided above, choosing to go vegan cuts your carbon footprint in half. What does carbon footprint mean? This is the amount of carbon dioxide and other carbon compounds that are emitted by human beings with the consumption of fossil fuels. So, what does that have to do with choosing veganism? Meat products have much bigger carbon footprints per calorie than plant and grain products because of the inefficiency of transforming plant energy to meat energy. According to a website by the name of GreenEatz, “Livestock farming produces from 20% to 50% of all man-made greenhouse emissions.” This website also notes that vegans have the lowest carbon footprint and vegetarians have that of half a meet lover’s diet. For not only the sake of the innocent animals’ lives being taken from them, but also for the sake of the environment and our planet, going vegan greatly benefits and reduces harm to both of these important aspects of life.

When considering veganism, yes animals are saved and yes, the environment is being taken care of, though what about the increasing scarcity of water? As noted in the seven facts, choosing to go vegan can save a great deal of water. According to PETA, one person who chooses to go vegan can save approximately 219,000 gallons of water a year. This is just one person. Imagine the affect if you chose veganism and students followed your lead. Even if one-hundred students lead by your example, that would save 21,900,000 gallons of water a year. Water is already scarce for many in today’s society and choosing to eat meat adds to the water footprint of nearly four million gallons of water per/ton.

With all of that being said, when choosing to go vegan you are saving the lives of millions of innocent animals, reducing your carbon footprint and saving tons of wasted water. Those three reasons alone should be convincing for an individual to choose veganism should they care about animals, the environment, and the scarcity of water which are all vital to life, though there are also many other reasons why going vegan is a life-changing decision. As noted in the initial seven facts, veganism can also improve your own health dramatically by adding four years to your life, being 32% less likely to experience life threatening illnesses and being 30% less likely to have a stroke.

Now that we have taken a bigger jump into what it means to be vegan and the benefits this choice has, I ask you to make this choice. Not only will this benefit your own life, but also has the potential to change the lives of so many others. I choose you. Set the standard. Go vegan. It will change your life and can change the lives of those who attend Colorado State University.


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