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The Benefits Of Competitive Sports

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What is the point, you pay all this money and all you do is work work work and work. Then you do the same in a game and you might win and you might not. so what is the point, all you do is get yelled at right? NO, sports will transform you into an athlete a better person and hears how.

When you are doing sports you be healthier This is important because only 5% of people are completely healthy, (Rettner) only 5% that small. According to the New York Times, teenagers can significantly lower their chances of overweight or obese by doing sports(Cohen). Not only you lose weight but, “By doing sports you have a lower chance of having heart disease, stroke, and diabetes,”(15 Health Benefits of Sports). A heart is a muscle it needs to be worked out, Regular exercise can improve the overall health of your entire body. According to if you exercise regularly you have a less chance to develop breast, colon, and lung cancer but wait for they’re more by doing sports you can improve your sleep by 15%

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There is not only physical benefits but also mental and social ones too. According to NEWPORT ACADEMY, after graduation, researchers asked questions about how often they experienced depression and the amount of stress in their lives. They also ask them on a scale to 1(poor) to 5 (best) how good is there mental health. “The researchers found that people who were involved in school sports had better scores on all three mental health assessments, compared with those who did not play sports at all” (Monroe). Therefore, the study found that playing school sports during their grade school years they had fewer signs of depression and less stress than people who did not do sports.

Not only sports can make you stronger physically and mentally, but they teach you important life skills. Like when you play sports you can learn that you are NOT always going to win. You are going to lose, but you they have to learn from their mistakes. With sports, they learn time management ( I still need to learn ) because in school you are not going to get a 2nd chance. You also learn self-esteem and leadership, “from the captain of your team to a captain of industry, developing leadership skills in sport is crucial to any future employment”, (15 Health Benefits of Sports).whether you’re in charge or not, you can learn commitment, “no medal is won without the dedication, early starts, and personal sacrifice. It’s that grit, determination, and focus given by all university athletes to their sport that is valued so highly by employers”(15 Health Benefits of Sports).

Sports can be beneficial in three ways mental, physical, and you can learn some important life skills. My goal tells you the benefits of doing sports and tells others about the importance of doing sports. So by doing sports, you will learn stuff to help you in the future that is why sports are important. Now think what will happen if there were no sports how will you learn important life skills.


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