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The Bible Can Be Used As A Guide When Doing Business

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In the business world, in building a career, and in the day-to-day life of an entrepreneur, wisdom and knowledge can be key to success or failure in a career or great ideas. Believing in oneself is fundamental to achieving the goals and overcoming the adversities that will surely occur throughout this journey.

Perhaps the most difficult task is to maintain the faith that we are able to overcome the challenges and nothing is safer than sticking to the word of God to guide future steps in the business world. The Bible gives us simple principles that can be applied to any business or circumstance at work. The Bible is the best source of inspiration for good business as many entrepreneurs seek wisdom to confront an increasingly competitive scenario.

In the Old Testament, King Solomon became the wisest man in the history of mankind and for being an extraordinary steward. In his initiatives to expand his kingdom he was able to maintain peace with his neighbors. In visiting King Solomon, the queen of Sheba learned that the scriptures were the basis of the king’s wisdom. She gave glory to the God of Israel for all she learned.

In addition to wisdom, knowledge of the market and its competitors can be a key factor in the success of a business. In Luke 14:31 we can find a principle about competition analysis. The text says: ‘What king is going to fight another king, do not sit first to calculate if with ten thousand men can face what comes against him with twenty thousand? ‘. The text alerts us to questions about market positioning, competition assessment, business cost, and delivery capability.

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The quality of the product or service is among the main factors of success of a business. The Bible tells us in Micah 6:11 the text ‘Can I cleanse false scales and bags of deceitful weights? ‘. If we fail to fully serve our client by offering him less than our best product or service, we will be acting like the misleading scales. On the other hand, as we offer our best product and service we will be blessed by God and we will be blessing the good benefit of what we are delivering.

The financial area also had its principles covered by the biblical text while recommending caution in the use of due credit. In Habakkuk 2: 7 the text: ‘Shall not your lenders rise up suddenly? Will not those who shake you awaken? You will serve them as spoil. ‘. Many entrepreneurs make use of loans to start or expand their businesses, to settle daily expenses or for capital expenditures. The text asks us to reflect on the real need to make use of credit. If your equity is lower than all the debts you own you are likely to have been reckless in taking the credit.

Customer satisfaction should be the most attention item of the entire business. We can not always clearly identify our customers’ real needs and how best to serve them. We can not assume that just because we have no complaints we are fully satisfying our client. We need to be close and follow how change and each reaction of the market so that there is no risk of losing space for competition and identify new ways to satisfy our target audience. This principle is described in Proverbs 27: 23,24 in the text: ‘Seek ye to know the state of your sheep, and take care of your flocks, for riches do not last forever.’

In this document, it was possible to present only a few biblical citations on principles applicable to the business world. There is no doubt that the Bible can be used as a guide in doing business or building a career.


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