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The Biography Of The Great Scientist Albert Einstein

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My famous person is Albert Einstein he is known to be a scientist and was born on March 14th 1879 in Ulm,Germany and died April 18th 1955 in Princeton, New Jersey at the age of 76. While in Albert’s growing up life he had lived in a secular Jewish poor family with only a sister named Maja that was 2 years younger than him, during his early days of school his teachers had always wondering if he was retarded or mentally disabled he was always having trouble speaking at the age of nine do to him starting violin at the wave of 6 he became really liking it after those hard times of not knowing what he could do at the age of 12 geometry was easy for him and that’s when he knew he was good at something and mastered calculus by the age of 16.

Einstein then started to really dislike school everything went back down hill he tried everything he could do get out of school and not hurt his chances for entering the university he wanted to be at, he had tried to enter at the school name FIT ( federal institute of technology) but couldn’t get in because of the other subject he couldn’t do other than math like stuff.

Albert had married a girl in 1903 named Milena who was a physics just like him that he new at a school. Albert had 3 kids with this woman a daughter named lieserl and 2 boys named Eduard and Hans, after almost 16 years of marriage they had became divorced in 1919 because of an affair he had with his cousin Elsa and married her the same year he had divorced Maric, during the divorce was going through he had offered his wife a Nobel prize as part of a settlement for the divorce and agreement for separation and promised whatever money he had won he would give it to her from the Nobel prize.

Albert and his wife had never told anyone about his daughter Lieserl he had not told his family until people have seen the private papers in the 1980s and still do this day people have been wondering wear her remains are, some people have gone through and thought she had died maybe from a fever called scarlet fever in 1903 and others think maybe she was put up for adoption after she recovered from a sickness.

At age of 12 Albert became really religious but didn’t last long when he started to read science books. Albert life had had a lot of things he loved to do like playing violin when talking he had even said if he didn’t become a physics he would’ve been a musician to play violin like he loved to do. In 1896 had had went to a school to become a teacher and got his diploma in 1901, Albert then couldn’t find a teaching post to work so he applied at a patent office and obtained a doctor’s degree in 1905. When being a doctor Einstein had some groundbreaking articles happening when he got the thought of the light he had also had proof from a experiment for existence of atoms while In 1940 he had become a United States citizen and retired from his post.

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Albert was slow at figuring out what he wanted to do with his life but with his clever thinking brain and putting math and science into a problem he wanted to fix he figured it out he then new he had a thing of his own and discovered the theorem properties of light with a low radiation. In 1902 to 1904 Einstein has worked in the effect of matter and got immediate background to his papers of 1905, theses papers got Einstein going in 1909 after serving in the university of bern he had a call to a job as a associate professor and two years later he was given a full professor at a school in Germany with another year and a half to go he had a full professor at the FIT, soon after in 1913 a well known scientist names Max Planck and another came and traveled to persuade a dream for Einstein to accept a professorship at the university of Berlin as a full membership in the academy of science, and he accepted their offer in 1914 and his wife had stayed behind with the 2 boys kids.

Not only did Einstein visit places in Germany he also had looked in America the institute of California technology and when he had went their for his last time a position was offered for advanced studies in Princeton and had left their in 1933.

Einstein had some key roles going on in his life during the atomic bomb when he signed a famous letter to president Roosevelt in 1939, and that’s when a equation just came out E=mc squared in a very weird way by using a bomb to destroy japan, during these years of finding a job it had taken him nine years to get a job that he was known for and liked to do till 1909 after a long time of not being in school no more.

In Einstein later life in the last couple years he had continued a quest of a unified field theory.

Einstein had published an article on a theory in science in the 1950 in America and was never finished when he died in 1955 from a aneurysm in his abdomen and had his body cremated and when doing it his brain was removed and was swollen and was later sent to scientists to find out why it was like that.

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