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The Bizarre Occurrence Of Mass Hysteria In Our Society

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Mass Hysteria or Mass Psychogenic Illness it is a disorder in which a huge set of people unveil analogous physical or emotional indications, such as anxiety or life-threatening feeling. When individual under pressure grouped together, the impending for Mass Hysteria occur. Mass Hysteria conducts communal illusions of fears, whether real or unreal, initiating anecdotes and distress. It often used to imprecisely discuss to anything from giving in to disturbances and something that is unusual that has convert into something of fluid concept. This is a undesirable suggestion that includes the participation of a large set of populaces. Phenomenon says that it is a kind of psychogenic illness that activates in our mind, rather than the body. Psychological symptoms are not illusionary this is very much real. Mass Hysteria also termed as “conversion disorder” which touches nervous system in the absence of the physical cause of sickness, the response on this will appear to psychological distress.

According to Bartholomew and Wesley, from the 18th century to the early 20th century, with the industrial revolution, the epidemic happened in workplaces, characterized by convulsions, abnormal movements, and neurological complaints. In the same period outbreaks took place in several European schools. Strict academic discipline was imposed on the pupils and symptoms included in convulsion, involuntary movements, trembling amnesia and laughing. Symptoms disappeared after the administration of electric shocks. The same authors found that from the 20th century onwards, epidemic hysteria episodes were chareacterized by concerns about food, air and water quality, including fears of mysterious odours. Mass Hysteria can happen in schools, workplaces and social gatherings, and is often resolved by providing reassurance that the environment is safe.

The False information, aggravated by the social media can cause panic and anxiety to the community. The AEFMDA cases reported in Zamboanga Peninsula region after the NSDD were primarily due to mass hysteria. The high proportion of total AEFMDA cases reported from this region, coupled with the misinformation spread in the community, contributed to the increase of reported cases. The deworming tablets used conformed to drug standards, were used throughout the country and were therefore unlikely to have caused the high number of reported side-effects.

Epidemic hysteria has been defined as a group of symptoms suggestive of organic illness but without identifiable cause (Jones TF 2000). Schools are the most common settling for epidemic hysteria outbreak with triggering factors including events and rumors (Boss LP 1997). In the investigation, several triggers were identified, including the spread of a text message across the entire region duirng the NSDD that claimed there were children who died following the intake of the deworming tablet and the circulation of false reports in social media that the deworming used by the Department of Health for the NSDD were expired; both falsehoods were aggravated by media coverage. That insufficient orientation was provided to the schools and parents about the expected side-effects of the deworming tablets also contribeffectsuted to the increase in reported cases. Epidemics of mass hysteria attract media attention, which usually results in an escalation of such outbreaks (SA Fam Pract 2010).

According to our research Mass Hysteria or known medically as Mass Psychogenic Illness (MPI) has traditionally been an object of sociological inquiry. Although the term suggest a collective form of individual hysteria, mass hysteria and individual hysteria seem to be unrelated, even though some of the symptoms may be resemble somatoform disorders, according to their classification in the DSM IV-TR

The starting point of hysteria is the same as that of most great neuroses, it is a depression, an exhaustion of the encephalon. Our assumption that the mass minds or irrational minds are more susceptible or vulnerable to influence. We may say that the most important mental stigma of hysteria is suggestibility due to it One may fill in aperture in certain memories with false information given by another when recalling a scenario or moment. Mass hysteria can happen in populated locations such as workplaces, social gatherings and schools. Mass hysteria appears to take different shapes, according to its historical and sociocultural settings.

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Mass hysteria can also cause moral panic as when exaggerated fear is one of the aspects of moral panic if fear is considered a result of mass mistaken beliefs or cumulative belief, it may not be so easily distinguished from social chaos such as war or terrorism. In these events a physical agent was present however fear may have been more harmful than the disasters themselves. The generality of outbreaks are triggered by an event, although rumors can also be the impetus of the problem.

We want to be more informed about the data of MPI, Why does it still occur in our present society despite of its rapid modernization and overlooked traditional beliefs? And What of specific groups of people does it affects? if we are able to find bona fide responses we’ll be able to provide a panacea for the number of affected individuals, aid in preventing and diminishing the duration of the symptoms and provide awareness for the community.

The importance of the studying Mass Hysteria is for us to preserve our inner well-being, similar to what we took care in our physical health. Mass hysteria is common medical diagnosis. In Layman’s term, hysteria is frequently used to label emotionally-charged behavior that is extreme and out of mechanism.

Anytime and anywhere, Mass Hysteria can could happen in the most unexpected situation. The mind and body can mimic the physical symptoms from other individual when it’s stressed out. We must be always be alert and aware in our surroundings, particularly females for the reason that often outbreaks afflicts children and teenagers (females). The supposition of being accused by having sickness that is only in their thoughts, become victims and their families become defensive towards the situation, which they just chose to be quiet and to set aside their feelings and emotions.

We recommend to the person or student that encountering mass psychogenic illness is to take it seriously to prevent or obviate the cases and to know what to do if they encounter this kind of mental illness. Read books or listen attentively to the teachers or person who are talking about this to have enough knowledge to this mental illness and to be able to preserve inner well-being and to focus on our mental health. Secondly to the persons who are already attacked by Mass Psychogenic Illness we want to inform them to be more conscious on what they’re doing to avoid the possible actions that are similar on having a symptoms of this mental illness becase it might lead them again in to the same situation. And lastly we recommend to the teachers to educate well their students in some cases like MPI for them to have enough knowledge on how to handle the person that occasionally attacked by this uncanny mental illness.

So be aware because these outbreaks with an environmental trigger, like a horrible scent or a rumor of exposure to poisons. When one person gets sick, the other group will also start feeling sick. The first person who got sick might have a real illness while the others maybe agitated or frigtened

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