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The Boy In Striped Pyjamas' Analysis

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A universal theme represents a central idea about the human condition , that applies in both the boy in the striped pyjamas and the book thief in both a positive and negative aspects . These aspects give people something they can relate to and giving them a larger understanding of the context . ‘The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas’ Written by John Boyne and “the Book Thief ”directed by Brian Percival ( 2006 ) both explore the universal theme childhood innocence . While there context are different , john boyne and brian percival shows clear understanding of the idea of childhood innocence , the boy in the striped pyjamas where bruno is unaware of the duties that his father is doing and the book thief when rudy decides to paint himself black for the fastest runner .

Throughout the book the boy in the striped pyjamas characters shmuel and bruno both show childhood innocence , with their unbreakable bond and a great deal of things in common . Bruno doesn’t understand all the people on the other side of the fence and ends up having frequent walks to the fence where shmuel is set ( concentration camp ) and sees many things he did not understand , “Others were on crutches and many had bandages around their heads. Some carried spades and were being led by groups of soldiers to a place where they could no longer be seen” , this shows the childhood innocence on the lack of knowledge he knows about what he is witnessing . the repetition throughout the novel when father is telling him not to go into his office is very showing that he is hiding something but bruno doesn’t acknowledge it , where as bruno’s older sister has a slight knowledge on whats going on , she doesn’t tell anyone.

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In the movie the book thief childhood innocence is shown through the first half of the movie when liesel shares her journey with her new family to when she grabs the book that is jewish from the fire to when she becomes friends with max who is jewish , which is also shown throughout the boy in the striped pyjamas with the friendship with shmuel . The camera shots in the book thief show the different feelings throughout the movie for example when the brother dies , the fear and sadness on his face as he had died . the universal theme childhood innocence is also shown in the long / mid shot of liesel when she is at school singing a hatred song about the jews , where a lot of the kids do not know what they are singing about , this scene shows the innocence as well as liesel almost hating towards max as he is also a jew without even noticing , some words stated in the song are raise the red flag for the german effort or we do not create a brother pact with jews or non – germanics which shows the hatred of all the non believers of hitler as they also say throughout the movie Hail hitler , as they didnt know the true meaning behind the song or of what hitler was doing . liesel was starting to acknowledge what happened around after max came in all sick and once she found out that he was jewish and that she couldn’t tell a soul

Overall ‘the boy in the striped pyjamas’ and ‘the book thief’ explore the same universal theme childhood innocence, that remain relevant regardless of contextual differences . both liesel and bruno show innocence and the beginning not knowing what is going on around them as to the end liesel loses her innocence and bruno sadly dies and never realised what was going on.

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