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The Broken Windows Theory in the Context of Social Problems in Bangladesh

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A temporary market for short time in a day or in a week is known as street market. Selling a variety of goods, including flowers, fruit and vegetables and ice cream, even cloths, mobile accessories and other handicrafts at street or beside traffic road is the marketplace of this street market. There is no requirement for a street trader to show the license or membership in public, only authorized officers of the council and the police may request to see it.

In Bangladesh there are so many street markets. However, some street markets create hazardous problems which make impact on human health and sometime led them to life risk. The Illegal street market in Dhaka is one of the greatest problems that faces by its residents and passersby every day. There are lots of illegal markets on the footpath of Dhaka’s street. There are growing some major and hazardous problem for this type of market. Moreover, the living environment became unhealthy and people are suffering from different types of problems. Throwing plastic bag, wastage of fish & chicken and rubbish is becoming common scenario at the footpath.

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‘’108-km footpaths in Dhaka city is under illegal occupation’’ (The independent, 2015). These footpaths are occupied by illegal markets. Our Aim is to stop illegal market because; it creates so many Problems for passer-by, general people and for Government. There is a list of problems: 1) traffic jam; 2) breathing problem; 3) unhealthy environment; 4) time waste; 5) harassment; 6) hazardous; 7) accident; 8) pollution and others.

These are some common problems that faces by general people and passerby every day in every footpath in Dhaka city. Here are some major reasons that’s why this problem is not still solving.

  1. Police. It is possible for police to shut down this illegal street market, but they are not concern for this issue. They act like solving this problem is not included in their duty.
  2. Buyers. Customer agreed that illegal street market is problem, but they still purchase from there. When we asked them reason, they told us they can bought fishes in low price besides they don’t need go far away. So, they choose illegal street market instead other market/shop.
  3. Political Entities. There is an involvement of some local political entities who took money from the sellers as rent of illegal place for selling fishes. If they are concerned about the environment of this place, they will never do such a negative thing. They have given the power to sellers for selling fishes in footpath that’s why local people don’t want to get involved in this.

At last, its true that. The Broken Windows Theory is applicable only for US context. Because the problems in USA and Bangladesh are not same. I think that, this theory has many limitations. It’s not effective everywhere. So, its better to modify this theory in Bangladesh or should make another theory for solving problems in Bangladesh.

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