The Burden of Multiple Sclerosis: Analytical Essay

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I explore in the studies of the website about the burden of multiple sclerosis in the web that I found the expenses of multiple sclerosis depend on many factors and we must know the cause of the wide ranges of the expenses in the market and the number of patient infected by multiple sclerosis about approximately above 4o,ooo patient in Egypt

By the who, it shows that each 100000 people that there are 30 from will be diseased (2).

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In Egypt It is found many studies about multiple sclerosis:

In2008: the newest study of multiple sclerosis in Egypt by the office of health saw that the disease represent 1.4 % of all neurological illness and the total number of patients all over countries are range from 25,000-to 40000 and the health care need support with money to be able to use high-cost medication that because the office health cannot cover more than 50% of the expensive medications (3). Dr. Samira Ashour, the head of the neurology department at AIN shams university: said patient costs from 2,000 LE to 3,000 LE for 3-6 months for treatment to be cured (2)(4).

It was, unfortunately, some people are unable to buy for treatment because it is the cost is high around 4,000 EGP which makes them unable to continue treatment. While Dr. Abel Ghany talks about the awareness of the cost of the disease and said that Egyptian medical insurance only grant a recompense 2000 LE to a patient per month that cover a small amount of the cost of illness, where all costs of illness between 70,000 LE to 140,000 LE per year for a patient, the researches in the neighbor country like united statue that In 1990: the expenses for treatment from multiple sclerosis are nearly 9000$ to 12,000$ for the patient per year the agent go on developing and increase in price while in 2004 the range of burden for sick was 16,050$ , THE total cost of care and exploit of service increase not only with high and good effect but also with increasing cost range in health care ; the cost for moderate relapse intensity function and lack of ability is 30,000$ and with high relapse intensity and inability 50,000$ and with sever inability cost 100,000$. And the other recent study in 2012: as average expense of illness was 30,000$ per year (5).

In determining The cost of illness in Egypt is higher than found in the united statue, this because of the increase of population and unemployment in Egypt that effect than in united statue.

However, the medical economic journal find the expenses of multiple sclerosis in health care between (8,500$ and 50,000$) increase every year and the normal cost of illness from 8ooo$ to 11ooo$ compared with the now the cost of illness about 60,000$ annually (1).

Newly, the new drug amended for treatment cost for multiple sclerosis that commonly enter market range between 25 – 6o% are higher compared with the abundant drug amended for treatment.

Direct medical cost & the Indirect medical cost represents 93.1% 6.9% over the total cost that is the direct medical cost is range between less than 15,000$ to higher than 50,000$ annually which is larger compared with the indirect medical cost which are in between from 3726$ to 19264$ and the costs of outpatient visit is 3,443$ which is higher than The prescription (DMC) which cost is 1834$ and the inpatient hospitslization:1546$.

The problem increased as 46% of their loss their job and their expenses of them increase by around 3.3 fold and days patient stayed in bed increased around 4.4 fold that all are compared with the middle east and the worldwide, as in middle east the exiting of multiple sclerosis are in 5 eastern countries, that the spread of disease observed increasing significantly in a recent decade than the past as the Interferon was the most treatment use Egypt and MRI scanner lower use in the middle east they need more research about other treatment and in worldwide multiple sclerosis affect around 2.5000000 patient (6).

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