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The Causes and Events Of The American Revolution: Descriptive Essay

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The American revolution is a revolution done by the British settlers in America after Europe exploring America. This revolution aimed for gaining independency in order to be a new independent country in America without controls from the mother nation Britain.

The Causes Of The American Revolution:


Britain the mother nation forced the British people in America to follow their rules, by time Britain used this ability and started to restrict the colonies by forcing them to get merchandise only from Britain and to send their products only for Britain. this is to prevent the colonies from gaining strength and forming their own country.

The Sugar Act:

Britain wanted to gain taxes to get further money, in order to solve the economical crisis that is caused from the war between her settlers and France in north America for the control of the land which was known by the 7 years war. France left the battle with causing a great loss of money in Britain so the only way to solve the problem is gaining extremely high taxes from the settlers in America . So Britain added taxes on any product including sugar and other non-British products. This one of the ways Britain gained money.

The Stamp Act:

Britain published a stamp that should be found on any document in American and in order to get this stamp settlers should pay for it. Britain did this to get money in order to solve the economical crisis . In this way Britain gained a lot of money from applying high taxes on a lot of major thing the settlers want to live. These restriction and high taxes caused the colonies to revolt because they saw that they could be an independent country and live without all these controls.

Events Of The American Revolution:

Standing Against The Stamp Act:

After the stamp act a lot of British colonies stood against the British officials who were with this decision. As a result of that once the Minster changed the new minster Rockingmen took many opinions about the stamp thing from the parliament and out of the parliament and most of them wanted to abolish the decision. Later, the minister did abolish this decision.

Boston Massacre:

Although, the stamp was abolished, but the British colonies in America wanted freedom and independency and life without restrictions from their mother-nation Britain. So on 5/3/1770 a crowd gathered around a group of British soldiers and fought them with snowballs, but then the solider started using fire. This was the first battle and the Americans or the British settlers who want to form new country weren’t prepared for battles, they even didn’t have an army that time. This fight resulted loss of 5 Bostians and about 2 soldiers.

Boston Tea Party:

The settlers opposing Britain wanted to stop the mercantilism over them so they wanted to do an act to stop this action. As a result for that, on 28/11/1773 thousands colonies gathered to prevent an Indian tea ship coming from Britain entering America to show that they don’t want supply from Britain. As we sew here the tea was Indian because Britain applied mercantilism on India because Britain was settling India that time. In this act about 114 boxes which equals 342 chests of tea were thrown in the sea. And this worked and the ship retuned back to Britain holding an unwritten message that Britain should start expecting the resistance from the settlers in America.

Patrick Henry gives his speech:

Patrick Henry went on 23/3/1775 to a crowd in the country and gave a statement as a speech ‘ Give me liberty or give me death’. This speech made the men to move and do something, so the Virginian army to fight against the British army in a very effective fierce speech. This is an important event were the real change started after it.

Battle of Lexington:

The Americans continued to fight the British army every now and then to proof that they won’t give up, so on a night on 18/4/1775 a group of Americans started to fight British army in concord, Massachusetts. At first 8 Americans were left dead there this resulted more people to gather. This was a very harsh fight that lasted for 2 days from 18-19, and it was effective to show that they want liberty in anyway. This fight left 250 British man dead and 90 American and the British back to Boston after they spread to other American parts like Concord . After short period another fight against the British army was formed on Bunker hill and this was called the battle of Bunker hill. We could say that these 2 fights are the PEAK of the revolution were a lot of people died, this is because both the British army and the American men were using guns and fire.

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Thomas Paine’s common sense published:

Thomas Paine a common man in America saw that the thing happening aren’t organized so he wanted to highlight their goals and the things they should do. As a result for that, he published a booklet highlighting on points and the aims of the revolution in addition to the way to make the independency. This book was sold out in few months and as overall number 10,000 booklets were sold. The 2 man points that this booklet discussed are 1) Independence from England and 2) The creation of a republic, Furthermore he quoted from the bible to capture the Americans attention in order to read the booklet .This booklet was very important that it made the way clear to reach independency. Those are the battles that really made the change and convinced the parliament to finally form their own country and gain independency.

July 4th:

After the recommendation of the congress to the colonists to form their own government they really did and on 4/6/1776 the declaration of independence was adopted. This means that they formed their own new country without any controls from their mother-nation Britain. On this day British colonies in America gained independency and formed their own country to become Americans. We still see Americans each year celebrating their independency on 4th of July. Although they gained independency but Britain kept insisting to keep them under her control and kept fighting.

Uniting with France:

France allied with America against Britain and enriched America with weapons and army in order to fight Britain with enough supplies. This proofs that America is a new country as France formed a relationship with a legal country. France allied with America against Britain to gain revenge for the 7 years war, in addition to prevent Britain from becoming more stronger that time .

Articles of confederation:

On 1/3/1781 the congress shared plans to connect the old congress with the initial government under the control of a new constitution that is going to be written to have a real country that is ruled by real constitution.

Some of the most important articles:

  1. Established the name of the union as ‘The United States of America.’
  2. People can travel freely between states, but criminals shall be sent back to the state where they committed the crime for trial.
  3. Established a group called the Committee of the States which could act for Congress when Congress was not in session.
  4. Gives power to the Congress in regards to foreign affairs like war, peace, and treaties with foreign governments. Congress will act as the court in disputes between states. Congress shall establish official weights and measures.’

Treaty Of Paris Is The End:

At the end Britain realized that it lost and there is a new country called America. This war or what is called a revolution left with great loss of money almost 215,194,000 U.S Dollars , souls about 8-12 thousands , etc… Everything completely ended Britain signing the Treaty of Paris .

Some Of The Treaty Of Paris Bonds:

  1. ‘The first point, and most important to the Americans, was that Britain recognize the Thirteen Colonies to be free and independent states. That Britain no longer had any claim on the land or government.
  2. The second major point was that the boundaries of the United States allowed for western expansion. This would prove important later as the US continued to grow west all the way to the Pacific Ocean.’

The timeline of the American revolution:

  • March 1765 Stamp Act
  • March 1770 Boston Massacre
  • December 1773 Boston Tea Party
  • March 1775 Patrick Henry’s speech
  • June 1775 Battle Of Bunker Hill
  • January 1776 Thomas Pain’s common sense Published
  • July 1776 Declaration of Independence Adopted
  • February 1778 France And American United
  • September 1783 Paris ended The War

Effects Of The American Revolution:

All In All:

America is known is an independent country that is not forced to do anything from any other country. America started making constitutions for each state after the revolution, but later there were rules that should be found in any state’s constitution in order to unite the country and to keep control over everything. Furthermore, the people there could do whatever they want from choosing their leader since it became republic, to their rights. Furthermore, the country was controlled by complete democracy as each state vote for any decision according to what the citizens of the state want, this made the people very satisfied .

Also, there is another effect that is left on Britain which is the economic crisis. Britain was left with high debt as a result of the amount of weapons sent to America. This weakened Britain because there wasn’t money in the country and France helped in that by allying with America against Britain.

The country formed consists of 13 states that time 13 states because there was 13 British colonial groups there, each occupied a part of the land, so the groups remained the same, but united as one nation. Irony Washington was chosen to be the capital because it looks like a diamond on the map and because its geographical location.

Key Figures In The American Revolution:

  • Alexander Hamilton: He’s a very important man in the revolution as he fought in most of the battles in the revolution. Later after the revolution he became a member of the congress.
  • Benjamin Franklin: He was a man who was a main part in ending the revolution by being the talker while preparing for the treaty of Paris in order for America to become an independent country .
  • George Washington: He was a chief of colonies and commander he played a major role in planning for the battles. Furthermore, he was the first president of America. Because he was the first president in America and he helped a lot in succeeding the revolution he was called the father of the country .

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