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The Characteristics Of Prophet Muhammad As Teacher

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All praise is due Allah, we praise him, ask refuge with him and his forgiveness. As we know the teaching is the one of the most honorable professions in the world. Teaching field has the different specialties compared to other fields. Especially in our society teacher has a big role of preparing thinking styles, behavior of the students who are our next generation. Our prophet had a more of the qualities that a educator should have. Our prophet Muhammad(peace be upon him) was the most effective orator of all the times.

“As model in human relationships, the methods that the prophet Muhammad (peace be up on him) used in spreading his cause and mission will prove to be effective if we can apply them successfully in our own educational activities”(Vahap Guiltekin,2015) . The Messenger of Allah was a person of exemplary character given by Allah to us as a guidance in each and every aspect of our life Allah says in Quran’There has certainly been for you in the Messenger of Allah an excellent pattern”(Quran 33:21. The popular that we often read says that

“Islam is a School

Deen is a class.

We are students

Quran is syllabus

Mohammedﷺis a teacher

Allah is examiner

Qiyama is day of result”

While saying about himself prophetﷺ said: ‘ I was sent to you as teacher”[footnoteRef:1] [1: Sahih Muslim 1478(authentic according to Muslim)] Likewise Allahﷻ thought to prophet ﷺ, he thought his knowledge to sahabah who were his students

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Prophet s Love towards students

As we in every class their will has a students with different abilities. Some will be poor others will be rich, likewise some has beautiful personality others doesn’t. This determine the ability of teacher to maintain equality among students . If we look our prophet ﷺ in same perspective, even though there is different students in class each one thought that he was one was most loved by teacher. This is clearly noted when Amr ibn A’as relates that he asked Prophetﷺ Prophet “who do you love most Of Messenger of Allah” by thinking that he would say name of him due to behavior of prophet towards him[footnoteRef:2]. [2: Al Bukari,3885,vol1,book 46,]

Same love is shown by prophet to others one of those if Jahir(may Allah please with him) by hugging him from back he said “who would buy this slave of mine”. But sahabi said “who would by me what is the value that I have”. Till such time prophet made joke with him but now he became serious and said “In the sight

In one Hadith prophet ﷺ asked his companions “what would be the situation of who has a river at his door and everyday five times a day he comes out takes bath in that river?. At the end of the day will he have dirt on him”. They said no O Messenger of Allah. He said similarly there are the five obligatory prayer, cleansing the person in this way.

Prophet would occasionally raise something up that was haram an exhibit to emphasize Haram An example of this is the Hadith of gold and silk for men. He raised up actual pieces of gold and said “These are Haram for men of ummah and halal for the women of my ummah[footnoteRef:3]. [3: Abu Dawud ]

Any teacher knows that if you ever have chance to bring in a three -dimensional exhibit to the class,it will always have much more profound effect on the students than does just lecturing

He rewarded and appreciated the good attitude. To be loved and appreciated is what people crave. In the process of learning people conclude from the appreciation and approval of the educators, what they doing right and what they are doing wrong.

Example for this is :Ibn Abbas(may Allah pleased with him) tells “One day I prepared some water in a pot so that that Prophet could perform ablution. When prophet saw the pot he asked who had prepared it. When he learned that it was me who had prepared it he prayed for me “O Allah! Increase his understanding in religion”[footnoteRef:4] [4: Bukari ]

Turn Question into something that will be of more benefit. An example for this is the Hadith where person came to Prophetﷺ and asked “When is the hour?”. The prophet disliked this question because it was one of the techniques that mushrikeen used against him. Often times when he spoke about hereafter, Jannah and Nar , the repayment, the recompense, yawm-ad-deen they would say to prophet “When is the hour?”. They said this to make him look bad in front of the others and hurt him .But when a Bedouin asked the same question. Prophet said “What have prepared for that final hour?” Meaning it is surely going to come. The questioner said “I haven’t prepard a lot Salah or zakah ,but I am preparing for one thing-my love for Allah and His Messenger. The prophet said “You will be with who you love”

Anas and other companions (may Allah pleased with them all) said that there was no Hadith there was no Hadith more beloved to him than this. So it went from question that did not have any benefit to most beloved hadith of companions

He made learners write. Learning by writing is best way of education. By, writing we engrave the topic both on the paper and in our minds and hearts. The Prophet Muhammad said as follows regarding this issue “Blind knowledge by writing”. Furthermost, emancipation of the prisoners of the war in return for teaching literacy to people shows the significance that he attached to reading and writing[footnoteRef:5] [5: Abu Dawud,adab 6]

He used to explain by making drawings. Another way of providing information which will remain permanently in the mind of the learner is to make drawings and fThe Prophet Muhammad explained the features of the ways. Of Allah and Satan by drawing shaps on ground while sitting together with jabir( may Allah pleased with him) . He told the happening as follows: When I was sitting with prophet, he draw in front of him and said, “This is it,this is the path of Allah. Then he drew two lines to the right of this line and two lines to left of the same line and said, And these are paths of Satan”. Then he put his hand over the line in the middle and recited fallowing verse “This is my straight path, so follow it, and do not follow other paths ,last they scatter you from His path. This he has enjoined upon you, that you keep from disobedience of Him in reverence for him and piety to deserve His protection”[footnoteRef:6] [6: Quran 6:153 ]


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