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The Characteristics Of Stem Cell Therapy

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These trials are being performed in the United States, Europe, Canada, Japan and many other countries, But Australia is very behind on the trend. While we remain fairly competitive in fundamental research, we are slow to translate our findings into new therapies that could treat and possibly cure people from various diseases and conditions. Hundreds of stem cell clinics post online claims that they have been able to treat patients suffering from a wide range of conditions such as cancers, diabetes, spinal cord injury and multiple sclerosis (MS).

Unproven stem cell treatments are experimental treatments that are offered to patients for doctors to see if they are safe and effective. Such treatments are offered outside a clinical trial framework, often by doctors who are not specialists in the condition being treated. Doctors shouldn’t be allowed to sell unproven stem cell treatments because unproven stem cell treatments are offered without first properly testing the treatment which the doctor and patients could suffer consequences due to the lack of scientific evidence to back up claims around safety and benefit. This treatment is usually costly as it is not yet accepted as a medical practice. “She returned to Adelaide $15,000 out of pocket” proving that a lot of these medical practices are frauds that don’t have any scientific proof that they are effective.There can be false claims such as that there are no risk with the procedure or treatment as they are your own cells, which people will of course believe as they know nothing about it and don’t bother researching as they are so desperate they believe and hope it will work and just go with it.

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If Australia were to tighten the regulations there would definitely be many patients forced to travel overseas to find treatment as they are in pain and misery and are desperate for any type of help. They risk the possibilities of treatments being ineffective and losing a lot of money as they are not confirmed with scientific proof that they are effective. MAny people around the world risk consequences that could make them more ill, “one man was rendered a quadriplegic following a stem cell intervention for stroke”, demonstrating the consequences many people risk the possibility and dangers of suffering harsher conditions than their current problems.These regulations would be put in place only to protect Australians at risk of getting involved in scams and risk losing ten of thousands of dollars by seeking out these stem cell therapies across the world.

Patients do have the right to try whatever they want as it is their own body and no one has the right to tell them what to do and not to do, but it is recommended that they wait for evidence so they don’t risk having so much hope on unconfirmed treatments and only to lose money. Desperate patients should go and consult with their doctors to see if they should or shouldn’t go overseas for unproven treatment.

Stem cell technology should be used for sperm development as it gives people who can’t physically have a chance at potentially produce a child in a lab by creating sperm cells. The sperm cells created in a lab still has the possibility to carry DNA from the people who can’t have children by using there own stem cells to create sperm cells. This is an ethical issue because with many people in favor of this such as the people who can’t physically have children, there are many people who don’t agree to this as it is not natural.

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