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The Characterization of Bernard Marx in Brave New World

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In the novel, “Brave New World,” written by Aldous Leonard Huxley, the author attempts to explain the character Bernard Marx and explain why he has incited such controversial emotions in readers and literary critics, and the way he's being observed within the novel as a full. He shows the importance of morality, or a rise in wisdom within the character of individuals. The author contrasts a society filled with “static and flat” characters and another society stuffed with “round” characters. So as to point out the importance of life experiences in changing the character of individuals within the society. Bernard Marx, an Alpha-Plus specialist in sleep teaching is an example of a personality that changes within the “Brave New World.” He alters from a personality that symbolizes individuality to a personality that just wanted to desperately belong to the society. Throughout the novel, the author uses character development and motivational standards to contrast the 2 different societies present within the novel, and the way that emphasizes whether Bernard Marx could be a sympathetic character.

The event seen in Bernard’s character takes place near the top of the story, as he seeks a more pure life in a very remote location. Bernard Marx receives most attention within the early a part of “Brave New World” that it seems as if Huxley has chosen him for the most character. Later, however, John, the Savage, takes the central role within the novel. John, on the opposite hand, feels as if he’s been poisoned by this new civilization. The text states that “I ate civilization. It poisoned me; I used to be defiled. And then, I ate my very own wickedness,” (Huxley 241). Both Bernard and John want to not only live a noble life, but to form this life on their own benefits, but John lives remote from the disaster of a community. John also views “the Brave New World” as a negative place with negative ideas. This is often a significant change from the identity he showed before being poisoned by this civilization, but another time he stays faithful to his values by leading this new life on his own. John’s strong moral values persuade be the one constant in his character, as against Bernard who seems to be fearful and timid because the novel progresses.

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Bernard Marx is that form of character who lives during a society where the majority people are flawless, and he, together with some other characters are a small amount sympathetic every now and then within the novel. Those that have some flaws are discriminated against and oppressed by the bulk. Therefore, Bernard Marx cannot hope for a cheerful life. He includes a short stature/reputation, which is believed to be caused by his surrogate’s alcoholism. Although he has an Alpha-Plus status, he's painfully alert to his flaw and blames it for not having the ability to reach life. Bernard believes he's a real individual. Deep in his soul, he wishes to fight conformity and oppose the pervasive social pressure. However, it seems that he cannot simply become a real hero, a rebel that might change the planet. Bernard Marx’s job is psychology. The text states that “O brave new world. O brave new world that has such people in it. Let's start without delay,” (139). Although he only knows so little about himself, he would love to be creative and courageous, but each time he gets the chance to square out, he acts sort of a coward. His subservient nature makes him respect the authority, and he's willing to seize power himself. because the story unfolds, Marx is becoming increasingly detestable. He looks whiny and trivial, and he's so desperately focused on personal success that readers gradually lose interest in him and switch their attention to other characters within the novel. This illustrates the explanation why the author of this novel believes that Bernard Marx is one in all the most characters during this novel.

The way Marx interacts with others is additionally important to grasp this character. Another example would be Helmholtz Watson. These men are both Alpha’s, which suggests they're smart and have a privileged position within the society. they need many things in common compared to others within the novel. However, Marx seems to be too shallow towards Helmholtz. When he's compared together with his friend Helmholtz, this character remains weak and uninteresting, and he's unable to get readers’ empathy despite his pain and loneliness. Unlike “Brave New World,” Helmholtz, or the convincing and powerful Mustapha Mond, he cannot conceive of his values and goals and focuses on succeeding in society instead of defining his individuality towards society. The text states that “The greater a man's talents, the greater his power to steer astray. it's better that one should suffer than that a lot should be corrupted,” (147).

Although it seems genuine of Bernard’s revolt against these values and goals towards society, it's later discovered that he behaves this manner only because less attention is paid to him. He's also physically inferior to the opposite Alphas. His own interest in Lenina also provokes him against this conversation. Rumours regarding his physique further make him criticize the new world. Bernard is taken into account oddly not only because he's physically smaller than the opposite members of the Alpha caste, but also because he likes to spend time by himself, and he doesn't wish to participate in sport activities furthermore. On the opposite hand, there's a spark of hope in society, especially towards Bernard. His experience with Helmholtz makes him more mature by the tip of the novel and allows him to be told more about himself and skill what he can truly do as a personality during this novel.

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