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The Concept Of Human Evil In Lord Of The Flies

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As soon as these things stepped into the earth animals were killed and hunted they began to evolve into the mindset that they were the best, bullying, racism, hatred, discrimination, critics, gender inequality, murder, the need for power these things are humans. Hi, my name is Daniel and I will explore 3 out of the many themes and lessons in the book lore of the flies. Lord of the flies is a book centred around human lifestyle published 1954 September 17. The author of this novel Is William Golding Lord of the Flies was driven by ‘Golding’s consideration of human evil, through the book there is an in-depth examination of the cause and effects of evil.

In the book Seven kids Piggy, Jack, Ralph, Roger, Simon, Sam, Eric are stranded on an island with no adult supervision and no one in charge, Ralph and piggy find a conch after getting to know each other and then the blow Ralph becomes the leader and the quest to survive begins. In the book there are three things that can provoke evil in this situation and the first on is fear. Fear is a very big issue for the boys as they were all very little, in the book there are to versions of fear and the first most relatable one is from Piggy, Piggy is a shy boy he is more intelligent than the rest of the boys and is determined to leave the island as soon as possible but the others don’t see it this way they see him as a waste and an outlet of power because of his physical incapability’s such as asthma, poor eyesight, and obesity.

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In chapter 2 during the assembly Jack is ragged because he is starting to lose control of the boys and the power he has, here he realises he cannot hit Ralph as he had been voted into the highest power so he punches Piggy. Later on in the book ralph realises that the boys seem to be more inclined to Jack so he tries to fit in by joining the other boys and bullying Piggy, but Ralph does this in a way that he still looks respectful he ignores and treats him merely as a pet. Another version of fear William Golding represents in the book is the one Jack displays, this fear provokes you to kill. Jacks evil is spoke about in the very start of the book when the choir boys walk across the beach “ADD QUOTE”. To be honest I’m a bit of Jack on a Monday. Through the book Jack displays a very ignorant and repulsive attitude towards the idea of being on the island. Most of us respond to fear in a tough, nonchalant way. This is important us readers because Golding uses the characters appearance, traits and surroundings to show how we humans can sometimes indirectly mistreat people solely on their looks.

Would you say the selfish acts done by these little kids is out of fear or because that just who they are? So, but how does this relate to us? But before I go into this, I wanted to talk about the two groups emerging on the island, the littleuns and the bigguns. The littleuns are truly obedient to Ralph and the others but this is purely because they are used to listening to someone from higher authority this is essentially feeding the bigger ones with power. So, let’s go from bottom to top of the power chain about how each character and scene in the book relates to the idea of power and how it affects us. Ralph he is the first character spoken about in the book; Ralph is an indecisive 12yr old boy who throughout the book tries to please the boys but ends up turning to their selfish ways. Most young children in schools more specifically 39% of kids change their lifestyle to please their friends. For example, in chapter 2 Ralph wanted to make Jack happy when he lost the vote of leadership “Ralph looked at him, eager to offer something. The choir belongs to you, of course.” Ralph constantly tries to make the other boys pleased with his leadership. Ralph was determined to leave the island as soon as possible at the start of the book this is mainly because after being voted as leader a lot of responsibility was given to him but as the book goes on, he slips an evil lifestyle.

Golding uses Jack and his thoughts and actions to make us as readers understand how we can sometimes let others influence us. Lord of the Flies was driven by ‘Golding’s consideration of human evil, a complex topic that involves an examination not only of human nature but also the causes, effects, and manifestations of evil.

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