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The Confessions Of Nat Turner By William Styron

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The screenplay of The Confessions of Nat Turner should contain a brief story on his birth first. I know is not too much information on the parents and grandparents; however a short synopsis on how he ended in Virginia. This way when the screenplay will be developed the audience will have a brief background on Nat Turner’s origin. After this short information, we should start with Nat Turner’s childhood. It should include when he was born and where. Also, who was his first and last master? How was his early year while grew up? If he went to school and how he develops the knowledge of reading and writing. Also, who motivated him for seeking spiritual advice. In the book, it states that Nat Turner was very religious. We should include how he became so religious, what religion or church he assist, and how the master allow him to do it. This will develop the values Nat Turner develops during the course of his life before he decides to organize a revolt. The drama will show how pacific and religious a person can turn into evil according to the book and the confessions. How any influence of his parents/grandparents ended Nat to take the decision to revolt. In Nat Turner’s life, he had a wife and several children, according to the book information.

During his marriage and before the revolt, the drama will include how his relationship with his wife and children was. Also if he was still married at the time of his execution. How the wife and children took his dead. This is important because based on Nat Turner’s legacy to his children is how the screenplay will take the best of the action. If Nat’s children will continue with his legacy? According to with the book, Nat wants to end slavery. At that time it was a system in place for the abolition of slavery; however was taking too long and based on the book, the masters abused the slaves to the point of torturing them, mutilating, and finally murdering. No justice against the masters; however all the punishment has toured the slaves. I think that was one of the reasons Nat Turner organize the revolt. He wants to kill all the white masters. It is ironic how a person so consecrated to God will make such acts that contradict God’s will. According to the book the person who interview Nat Turner was having a monetary problem and took advantage of the confession to make money. The way the book explained is that some of the confession was omitted, other was inflated or deflated, and others were redacted to the benefit of the person who interview Nat Turner for his own position to gain publicity and money. The screenplay should include the outcome or aftermath after Nat Turner’s execution. I deduct that his children and successor will continue fighting for the abolition of slavery. That will make a big change in the social status of the masters that were predominant whites. Besides the social status, the economy will suffer a big drop since all the slaves were the ones who were doing the hard and most of the jobs around. From my perspective side on viewing the outcome, it will be a great move for the ending of slavery; that happened after that according to with United States History; however, on the screenplay, I want to see Nat Turner’s children fighting for the abolition of the slavery with a won situation. Seeing the future generation free and prosperous. I want to see that Nat Turner’s legacy and execution were worthy. Have the roles inverted, having the whites working the same as black ex-slaves? Having a good relationship and working together. Of course, this is for this screenplay because as of today’s day; we still have differences that have been carried out thru slavery times. There are not as obvious as before, but we all know that they are out there. Closer than we think.

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I have a question about Nat Turner that was not on the Confessions. I am curious what was the motive of the revolt since he was so religious and intelligent. I wonder if he lost common sense or what was the trigger for his actions. Also, want to know, why he didn’t mention any of his family in the confession. Is because there were killed or moved, or just lost their mind and forgot everything to end slavery. There is no information if Nat Turner’s parents were alive too before his execution. Those questions I would like to have in the screenplay at the end of the movie.

A good ending will be that one of Nat Turner’s children has a copy of the real confession and at the time of the abolition of slavery, it will be posted for everyone to see. That will be a really nice and happy ending. Showing everyone that the one was posted before his execution was not so credible. The end of the movie will end with having the masters agree to free the slaves based on the confession. It will show that the reason for Nat Turner’s revolt was a reaction to the not well treatment from the masters to the slaves. This final will mark the end of slavery and the beginning of the new prosperous community which ended in a great Country. I know it sounds too easy; however, this is the way I want the movie will follow.

I believe that the Confessions of Nat Turner is not a reliable primary source. According to the book, there were a lot of preferences for the masters (whites) and fewer preferences and/or treatments for the slaves. I believe that the Confessions of Nat Turner was not the original one for the benefit of the masters. This is my opinion based on the book and based on today’s way of life.

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