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The Contributions of Technology in Education: An Essay

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Technology has brought us a lot of convenience, one of which is to acquire knowledge through the use of technology. Now we can learn and do almost anything. Sometimes technology can have a negative impact on us, but in these difficult times, this is a controversial issue; positive technical factors have emerged in almost all areas.

Education is a necessary condition for acquiring knowledge and achieving success, and the contribution of technology to education has always played an important role in providing education to students of all types and grades. Technology means more than just games and watching videos. It also provides us with e-books, learning courses, important research data, and gadgets that we can use to interact with others. With the use of smart boards, interactive educational content, smart devices like laptops and tablets, and the latest technologies like audio and visual enhancement, classrooms have gotten smarter. The pandemic caused by a virus called the new Covid-19 forced our government to close all schools and universities indefinitely, throwing the fate of students like us into obscurity. While this type of technology is a rescue for us, current technology allows us not to go to school to learn.

How important is technology in education? The Covid-19 pandemic is rapidly demonstrating why online education should be an important part of teaching and learning. By integrating technology into existing courses, rather than just using it as a crisis management tool, teachers can use online learning as a powerful educational tool. Technology is now part of our education system, and the scope of educational technology is huge. This is now the only way to learn without leaving our safety and staying at home. Some sources and applications that we can interact with schools and teachers, such as Google Classroom for homework, YouTube for educational courses, Zoom for real-time interaction and clarification, and many other applications. Students are in the national lockdown period. Effective use of digital learning tools in the classroom can increase student participation, help teachers improve their lesson plans, and promote personalized learning. It can also help students develop basic skills for the 21st century. Nonetheless, as research has shown, most students tend to show confidence in using online education when they have the resources. However, online education may pose challenges to teachers, especially where online education has not yet become the norm.

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Despite the challenges and concerns, it is important to consider the benefits of technology in education, including better collaboration and communication, better quality of education, and participation in courses that help stimulate students’ imagination and search for knowledge. Technology has contributed a lot to education, and everyone should be grateful for it. In addition, the use of educational technology is also very important, because students get a lot of information in the classroom, they must quickly grasp it. This can be difficult because they are confused by concepts. With the help of technology, students can access a large number of resources available online, which encourages them to conduct research. For example, through the instructional video, the concept is simplified, and you can see that there are multiple learning styles. Some students are bored in the classroom environment, so online access to courses can allow them to obtain grades that were previously difficult. Students also find it difficult to participate in the courses taught; therefore, technology is important to keep their attention.

Technology is easy to use and everyone can use it, which is why it is good for students and teachers alike. For example, for online quizzes, teachers can get instant feedback, which eliminates the time required for teachers to review each assignment and provide grades. With the help of technology, teachersu2019 time and costs can be reduced, and students can permanently access information because they can check deadlines or send emails to teachers at any time of the day to learn about any problems they may encounter. With the contribution of technology to education, students can obtain grades online or receive education through online courses provided by the college. For those who are working and want to continue their education without giving up their full-time job, studying at home without having to pay for travel or attend college is also a good choice. Distance learning is revolutionary because it allows everyone to receive education. The scope of teaching is expanded: it is not just a teacher standing at the blackboard, but more, it is an integral part of development. It changes the education system and the way students learn and retain information.

Therefore, the role of technology in future education is to maintain the fundamental part of current economic growth and progress. In general, technology is the core part of most sectors of society, and its integration into the education system provides great opportunities for students to learn. The scope of educational technology is huge, because students and teachers will increase efficiency and effectiveness. It can also promote educational changes and solve problems that affect learning, teaching, and social organization. Therefore, technology is both a tool and a catalyst for change. Students and teachers must use technology for benefits, and teachers must introduce technology into the classroom to improve and innovate teaching practices.

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