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The Correlation Of Gym And Yoga

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Ideas about health and exercise have changed overtime, the focus is on how meaning is created, transformed and embodied and perceived by gym goers and yoga goers as truth, science knowledge or even myth. The body is made to move, was a common saying at gym meaning that the human body is physically built to be active. The gym is not only the place to exercise after a day’s work but it is also a venue for the construction of particular gender identities. At a time of increasing hype about the health consequences of obesity, it is unsurprising that ‘going to the gym’ or ‘practicing yoga’ has become increasingly popular amongst most age groups. Gym had its own meaning when it started people started perceiving it differently and at the same time yoga also gained its own importance and had its own meaning in itself, both served different benefits for a person. Yoga techniques enhance well-being, mood, attention, mental focus, and stress tolerance. Proper training by a skilled teacher and a 30-minute practice every day will maximize the benefits. Many people chose gym over yoga because they an idea that gym is more cool compared to the yoga classes. And many people chose yoga because some may not be able to afford it and yoga can be done anywhere you don’t require any material for it. In this research we will discuss what motivates people to choose yoga or gym and what motivates them to continue their classes and how does that impact their wellbeing and quality of life.

The topic provides us information on how different age groups opt for their preferred things and how they have been inspired and influenced by different mediums, social media also plays an important role in influencing a person’s choice as we see that just because their favorite actor or model goes to the gym or does yoga the person wants to do the same. The media put our environment in perspective by giving its many aspects, various meaning and explanations. They help establish our agendas by giving us things to think and talk about; they help us become socialized into our community. The different studies that have been done in the past which tells us about how doing gym or yoga will help you be fit, the research has been done by Crystal L Park, Kristen E Riley, Elena Bedesin and V Michelle Stewart who talk about how yoga has become important and how the different practitioner adopt different methods of motivations to do yoga and how it inspires them. In this research we will learn about how it inspires the people and in what way it does, and how much importance is been given by the practitioner. This study also talks about how yoga is used as a method to cope up with depression and anxiety relief and makes you flexible. It also states that for many practitioner spirituality also becomes a reason to practice yoga. This study was done in USA. It also states that yoga practitioner motives change overtime. According to the research In the United States and other parts of the West, yoga is often offered as a fitness course. Since yoga can be done anywhere while selecting gym many people keep different aspects in their mind starting from location, staff, members, cleanliness, this has a big impact on an individual’s life. Gym gets a lot of attention by young youth these days where exercising daily has become an important phenomena. There are many mental and physical benefits of the exercise including enhanced body weight control, improved cardiovascular system, and tauter diabetic control. Gym becomes a trend in this generation as many people are influenced and are ready to join the classes for it. It is also in a way to reduce weight faster so many people choose gym instead of yoga so that they can reduce their weight and get in a proper size of what they want themselves to be in. The bodybuilding and gym literature is filled with advice to young people about how to create the perfect body. Arnold Schwarzenegger, has written several books on bodybuilding, and many people are influenced by him many people even consider him as the role model for them. The gym becomes a place where you exercise after a day’s work, but it also becomes the venue for the construction of particular gender identities.

A study of Thomas Johansson talks about how the gym culture creates a space for gender identity, and there is an idea of gym culture which has developed over time. Gym culture is the development of different kinds of Subcultures. Many young people spend a great deal of their time in the gym, and their identity is to a great extent tied to a specific group. The gym is therefore also becomes a social place, where you meet your friends and develop a specific taste and style. The gym offers people an opportunity to change and manipulate their bodies in different directions, and to maintain or change their way of looking at the relationship between the body and gender identity. At the gym you are offered the means to change your body, and this kind of offer is especially attractive to young people. In a gym there are a variety of different machines, one for each muscle in your body. When some men use the machines, they usually use them as a part of a complete training programme, where the aim is to train the whole body, and to develop a muscular body. By contrast, some women often use the machines in order to train some specific parts of their body. They use these types of exercises in order to shape their bodies in certain ways, whereas men use them in order to build muscles and to achieve volume. This difference is also an expression of the gender order. Many a times it is called body shaping for women and not body building except few. Gender and age plays an important role while deciding as gender because many boys choose gym as compared to the girls as boys who opt for gym believe in weightlifting which is rarely done by women so hence it is has been said that mostly guys go to the gym and not the girls as it is not cool for them, many even say instead of girls going to the gym they should join Zumba because gym becomes a waste of time for them. Age also plays an important role because mostly the teens will opt for gym and the 30s to 40s people because they feel they are not meant for gym. We will also see that many people chose yoga because they either don’t want to spend money in the gym or they become lazy to travel. These are some of the stereotypes that have been put forward by different people, in this paper we will look at the assumptions and see how it impacts an individual. A study which was done by Mahatma Gandhi Kashi Vidyapithi in Varanasi, India talks about how yoga is important in daily life and should be done daily. It talks about its different benefits and yoga is a form of meditation, it results in a sense of inner peace and purpose. The word “Yoga” originates from Sanskrit and means “to join, to unite”. Yoga exercises have a holistic effect and bring body, mind, consciousness and soul into balance, there has also been different centers which has opened up which talks about the importance of yoga and also teaches a person about its different methods and the different techniques that have been used while practicing yoga., the research also says that The spiritual goal of Yoga is God-Realization.

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Jan Wright in New York talks about how gym has become the new urban space for many minds. It also talks about how it has become a space for many due to their less commitment in the field of sports so in order to be physically active many people chose gym. For many people, it was a new venture into physical activity, made possible by changing relationships and life circumstances; and for others, it was present in their talk as a potential but not yet realized mechanism for taking more control of their health and their bodies.

Many people saw gym as construed and a convenient solution to make their lives busy and a flexible space for physical activity and self-improvement. Since that time the gym has become a diversified space; there are now public and private gyms and commercial gyms, women only gyms, gyms in aquatic centers, hotels and shopping centers, and in workplace. You can also have a gym experience at home by some simple machines. gyms have become part of the repertoire of possibilities that people are expected to take up in ‘becoming healthy. Though yoga can be done anywhere there are still proper classes for it and there are instructors who train you properly, so we will see whether the gym classes makes profit or the yoga classes. In the recent time the demand for yoga have risen but we only see majority women practicing yoga and not the males, this again gets the gender aspect where the male feel yoga is done only by women. Some people choose yoga only because they need company and most people follow it because others do it, called as the bandwagon effect and same happens with the gym as well, some chose only because it is in trend and attend the gym for a week or two and then leave it, in this paper we will see what motivates certain people to attend their classes daily and how much do they give to their classes and how do they maintain the balance between their health life, we will also see whether they impose certain restrictions on themselves as we see that there are certain people who go to the gym and follow a strict diet. In yoga as well as gym many people follow up a strict diet in order to get thru their goals which is to become thin, as many studies show that many people opt for power yoga as well in order to lose weight quickly, many also do it in order to meditate and feel relaxed and not tired as you feel after the gym workout. We also see that once the prices goes up for the classes there are many people who leave the class because they feel the classes won’t be worth for the money that they are going to pay. There is a need in the urban setting which develops to join either of them, either due to the peer pressure or due to the different mediums of media which influences a person, also a persons lifestyle in the urban setting gets impacted due to the choice between each. As the articles suggests that training your body in a particular way creates an impact on the people and also how you behave in the society. In this research we would find out the main reason behind the downfall of the regularity of the people who attend either gym or yoga classes. Many women who are in their 30s prefer doing yoga because they don’t have to go out of their house for gym and as you get old you prefer more subtle exercises and in the case of yoga there are certain instructors who come home to teach you yoga and costs you half the price of gym so many women also prefer doing that and also as we see that there are many videos that have been put up online which teaches you how to do the yoga exercise but whereas in the case of gym you cannot do most of the exercises at home since you need machines, so many people even prefer choosing yoga as it saves on the money and also it saves on your time to go outside of the house, and in case of men they choose gym because some of the gyms are located in their workplace so it doesn’t become difficult to attend and also they have the interpretation that yoga will be boring. In this study we will see that how many people prefer office gym and why do they many people think that yoga is a boring tool to facilitate the fitness, as many articles suggest that anyone can interpret gym or yoga in their own way, but until a person tries either of them or both they wont know how do they feel after trying it and what is better according to them.

A person also chooses gym or yoga in order to release their stress, their stress can be due to numerous reasons in this research paper we will see how gym or yoga makes a person stress free and makes them feel motivated for different reasons. gym has taken on new meaning as a mainstream space for self-making. Whereas yoga is becoming one of the most commonly used complementary and alternative treatment remedies to manage a vast array of ailments. Yogic science believes that psychological problems arise due to the disturbed state of mind. Yoga may be considered as the science to regulate the mind. Since there are different study that have been done overtime in different parts of the world regarding the importance of gym and yoga on an individual, this research paper will compare the both and find the reasons on why do people chose one and neglect the other option and what influences people to do so.

In today’s world it has become the “need” to do physical exercise daily in order to remain healthy, there is a social aspect which comes in when a person chooses gym or yoga, some people think about others and make a choice while some think accordingly. This study has been chosen because it has not been done in the past and also to know why has it become a need of the urban space to engage in gym or yoga, this study is done in order to justify that gym and yoga practitioner are compared with each other and how to they perceive the other, and how it is considered as an integral tool to facilitate their fitness.

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