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The Correlation of Justice and Forgiveness

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People are asking, can justice and forgiveness go hand in hand? This is mostly depending on the situation, like if somebody killed someone that you knew for a really long time or they killed a family member of yours then in that case it would be justice. That’s just my opinion because I don’t think I would be able to forgive a person that killed someone I knew my entire life. It sucks to think about someone you knew and thought you would be with for the rest of your life is just gone in a second because of the killer. All those memories with you and your friend are now just memories and never able to see them again, your never able to spend time with them ever again. In Brazil two teenagers opened fire at their school in Sao Paulo the teenagers killed a couple of other students.

The shooting happened at 9:30 on a tuesday. The students were on spring break but when the students came back they shot the school. The gun mans killed seven other students and killed one employee. The gunman killed themselves because they didn’t want to get arrested and be killed by the jail. They didn’t want to serve justice but they knew they wouldn’t be forgiven. The gunman also injured 10 other people but once they knew they did this there was no turning back. They didn’t want to wait and wait and be stuck in a prison for the rest of their lives so they just killed themselves.

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People are just being mean to others and treating others with no respect. Everybody is making enemies and making friends. Justice is basically have consequences to what you did wrong. Forgiveness is basically saying its okay just don’t let it happen again. People are being forgiven everyday for something very little but if they did something over the charts than I would think they would deserve justice and be taken to court or jail. Everybody is making the world a terrible place and everyone needs to switch that around and make their enemies their friends.

Friends or not friends everyone needs to get along. People need to clean up their little attitude and treat others with respect. I know for a fact everybody has a good heart no matter what they did or how they did it. Deep inside everyone has feelings they just need to find it again. In my opinion, justice and forgiveness can go hand in hand it just depends on who it is and what they did. Some people that are mean and make people in pain not physically but mentally deserves forgiveness. Nobody deserves pain no matter what they did wrong no matter how they did. Everybody in the world deserves happiness and deserves a good life but they just need to earn it. Every person on this planet needs to work together and clean this world up by being happy and not depressed. I don’t know if you agree with me but I think everyone deserves an apology and deserves respect no matter what they did. In my opinion, justice and forgiveness can go hand in hand, what do you think about justice and forgiveness?

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