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The Correlation Of Self-Efficacy And Motivation

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Self esteem representing the basic behavioral motive tends out to be self efficacy. As this construct is related to several dimensions of psychological well being. There are many hierarchical needs of man such as the need of competence, the need of achievement, respect and as well as self efficacy. But sometimes we confuse this word with self image, self worth or any other similar construct. It is rather mixed with optimism too. But here the real meaning of it is the belief we have in our abilities to meet the challenges ahead of us and to complete the task.

Self efficacy and Motivation are deeply entwined. They lead to the direction of cycle of success. Self efficacy is positively related to Confidence but not exact the same thing. Confidence is nondescript term that refers to strength of believe but does not necessarily specify what the certainty is about. Self efficacy refers to believe in one agentive capability that can produce given level of attainment.


Studying the social processes in any way to learn from the facts is the direct observation and understanding a social phenomenon or problem to gain and deep understanding and familiarity with the certain methods that are practically part of the community is participant observation. By directing these kinds off observations with the required field of our lives the role is well played that ultimately leads to the one plus point in case of the self efficacy.

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What’s next after we have observed? For instance we observe a doctor performing surgery, a boy playing guitar, a girl doing ballet, a mechanic fixing a car, a singer singing classical, does it means by observing them we can do it ? Our next motive is to practice the stuff we have observed. Just in case I would say I go on to the stage to speak for the very first time doesn’t mean I would burn it down in the first place. My practice and my consecutive struggle being partner with self efficacy will make me master of the stage controlling artistic ways.


Appreciation, being valued, cherished, esteemed, admired, applauded these are the terms for which a man do something, technically we call it feedback. But if the feedback is not in our favor we lose hope in our self and that’s the point where we lack understanding the meaning of self efficacy. We are judged and observed by someone and until they told us how we actually did it we can’t change the method of our perspectives. We should have the approach not to fear because it’s a phobia that is the twister of the normal responses. We should embrace it by letting it in because without the dark the term light does not sound appealing. In a way of seeing things differently we can say that criticism on ourselves is another way to let us onto the path of perfection by rectifying ourselves.

Main Idea

The most important aspect is that we should be seeing the positive aspect of life. We should be thinking like the student who is not gifted but still working hard. Belief like the man who had back luck with relationships but still trying to make it work. We should be like the expectant mother who is nervous, with her first baby but beliefs to take care of her child. We should feel determine like the new graduate who is going to start his first job with no work experience before but beliefs to do best. Self efficacy can be described an art of living in this world by believing I can I will.

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