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The Correlation Of Team And Team-work

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Team is a group of people who works together to achieve an organisational objective and teamwork is considered as the efforts made by that team from different undertakings for the accomplishment of team’s success rather than the individual interest. Basically, this article reveals that there are some of modern companies that expanded the team-oriented work form in the past few years which mainly emphasizes on effectiveness in team performance and management. (Hills, 2007; Kozlowski & Bell, 2003). It is abstracted from this article that teams have two phases i.e. transition phase and action phase which is named as a performance cycle. The transition phase is concerned with the planning strategies to nurture the completion of target; however, action phase refers the execution of that plan by the team for the attainment of organisational goal. Although this cycle indicates objectives and performance of the company yet there are some challenges which are faced by the company. As a result, it is extremely complicated for the team to concentrate on their objectives which might affect their implementation or performance (Peterson & Behfar,2005). Moreover, the challenges are categorized as per these phases as in the transition phase, team charter should be maintained which will include all the strategies from planning till implementation. On the other hand, action phase includes controlling and measuring the actual results with desired outcomes (Cohen & Bailey, 1997; Kozlowski & Ilgen, 2006; Marks et al., 2001).

This article reveals the work carried out by the teams to maintain stability in the smooth functioning of an organisation and to set up positive attitude towards it, over the last forty years. In this, a team is described as a ‘wisdom of crowds’ as teamwork teaches us how can an organisation achieve its overall objectives with the help of cooperative and knowledgeable team (Sales, Rosen, Burke & Goodwin, 2009). This article depicts that teamwork is not always proven to be successful as sometimes it may fail and made a bad influence on team either physically or mentally. To cope up with this, organisations needs to rebuild their internal systems and methodologies to get the best outcomes of communication and feedbacks which have been affected from last few year. To make the team more productive, SWOT analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) should be taken into consideration to evaluate the behaviour and capabilities of teamwork. SWOT analysis makes a new framework of an organisation which emphasize more on the progressive way of organisation. Contribution of each member in a team may result in effectiveness of team as proper delegation of work reduces the stress of the team and gives them a positive vibe which motives and encourage them towards organisational goal.

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This study examined various elements i.e. authority, responsibility, good communication, training and progression, team rewards, which needs to be accomplished to ensure the development of teamwork and to enable them to face the different challenges either positive or negative. As teams are mainly undertaken for the sake of organisational success over the individual interest of employees. For the progressive view of organisation, team building concept plays a tremendous role as it enables the employees to work in a team and to get the best from their collaborative efforts (Heap, 1996). It is abstract from this article that employees are motivated to work as a team so that they can understand their responsibility and solve the problems with each other without any conflicts. It enhances the level of understanding between them and make them enthusiastic towards their team and work. The enrichment of building team can only be successful when employees are able to devote themselves and work together to create a concerted and harmonious environment which interacts the organisational culture. Fajana (2002) states that team should be managed in a strategic way so that employees can contribute equally, face the challenges together and come up with a relevant solution by their combined endeavour.

This article is based on the various techniques of motivation which influence the employees to collaborate their efforts and potential so that prevalence of teamwork remains constant. Motivation is considered as an indispensable part of an organisation as highly motivated employees are the reason of progressive organisation as well as their self-development (Armstrong, 2001, p.155). In this article, there are lots of theories of motivation are implied to get the positive outcomes, but the theory of Armstrong is the most relevant and proverbial. However, unpredictable variations in organisational environment is a great hindrance as it affects the organisational satisfaction and performance of employees. Generally, at workplaces, sometimes employees take disadvantage of their authority and starts dominating others which has an adverse impact on team morale. Although diversity in working styles is another obstacle in the approach of teamwork yet motivation determines to be made employee goal oriented and passionate towards organisation along with their personal growth. This content summarizes the concept of highly stimulated employee’s perspective with an approach of team performance based on incompatible framework.

This report examined the insightful performance of employees which determines their perception towards their team and organisation along with the contribution of leadership. It simplifies associates with 43 companies of UK business with the relation of its team performance and activeness. Substantially, at workplace, leader is a person who persuades or influence others for the fulfilment of organisational goals or to accompany them in such a way that aims at proactive team performance. A team leader is the in-charge of overall functioning of an organisation who develops the ability of willingness to do a task among employees. it ultimately gratifies the necessities of an organisation’s activities and decisions (Wageman, 1997). Moreover, team empowerment is taken into consideration by the action of employees as the team leader usually prioritize on making the teams self- managed or interdependent that simultaneously manage their responsibility towards day to day operations of an organisation.


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