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The Correlation Of Training And Personal Development

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Training and development are considered to be an important activity that enhances the skills and knowledge of the employees with which they can perform their task efficiently and effectively. To identify the need for training and development program the managers analyze the capability and competence of the employee against the task that they have to perform that specific skills are taught to them while with development program personality and management skill of employees are enhanced. This report is based on Roundup Cafe which is located in Canada. It has been temporarily closed due to covid-19 but now the cafe is about to reopen by taking into consideration various guidelines from the office of Provisional Health Officer of British Columbia. To support this the report includes need analysis, various training that is to be designed and delivered to the staff of the cafe along with measures and methods for evaluating the training provided to them.


Organizational Analysis

Roundup Cafe is in Canada which has been offering authentic 50’s dinner to the customer. They are renowned for their specialization in homemade Canadian and Ukrainian cuisine. Also, they offer a wide variety of breakfast items are offered by the cafe. It has been operating for over 58 years and is familiar among most of the people who prefer home-cooked meals as well as freshly baked pies every day. The staff of the cafe is friendly and supportive due to which they ensure quick service to the customers and ensure better relations with them with healthy interactions. This makes the environment of the cafe appreciable and appealing to the visitors. The cafe has casual attire which makes it simple and attractive to the customers. Various resources that are possessed by the cafe include furniture, equipment used in the kitchen, cutlery for serving the food, payment, billing, and order management equipment, etc. that facilitates them in their day to day operations.

Due to covid-19, the requirement of safety guidelines for the cafe has been increased which they have to comply with. Some of the guidelines for cafes include wearing cloth face coverings, regular disinfecting practices for high touch surfaces, good ventilation, social distancing among the sitting arrangements. Along with this system need to be adopted for menus and for placing orders as well as the use of disposable utensils rather than common utensils or dispensers. Online payment systems need to be emphasized for limiting contact with each other. British Columbia has provided various guidelines, notices, and orders which roundup Cafe has to be complied with such as cafes and restaurants are to be closed by 11 p.m., all the banquet facilities are closed, no more than six patrons seated are allowed, etc. While reopening the cafe sufficient training in the context of various guidelines and standards that are to be provided along with training for the use of various products need to be provided that is to be used for ensuring safety within the Cafe.


In the cafe different types of jobs are to be undertaken and they all need to be provided training in the context of standards and guidelines to be complied with for ensuring safety and security such as cafe manager, support manager, chefs, waiters, cafe associate and cleaning staff.

The job title that has been selected for the training plan is of cafe manager because they have the major responsibility of managing the entire operations by ensuring compliance with guidelines and standards for safety. Also, their training is important because they are responsible for recruiting training and supervising other staff members as well as for formulating various strategies with which compliance of all the regulations and provisions can be facilitated.

Due to covid-19 safety regulation, the cafe manager has to perform various new tasks:

  • Requirement of implementation and monitoring of district sanitation measures has been increased
  • Frequency of training to the staff members for identifying and addressing issues related to covid-19
  • Requirement of open communication with the customer and guest need to be considered
  • Due to the reduction in the workforce the task of support manager needs to be performed by the cafe manager
  • Responsibility in the context of wages and hour issues increased due to the reduced number of staff members
  • Responsibility to consider shorter modifications about benefits eligibility policies and procedures increased.


Roundup Cafe has been operating on a small scale due to which they have one Cafe manager and for only one Cafe manager they need to organized training which will be responsible for the training of other staff members. The obstacle that can be faced by the owners by providing training to the cafe manager is related to of lack of specific methods for obtaining judgment about the performance of the cafe manager after training. For these various performance standards will be designed that can analyze the improvement and compliance of various guidelines and standards related to covid-19.

The training can be influenced by personal, mental, physical, intellectual, and individual factors. In the case of training of cafe manager, the factor that can influence includes their attitude, ability to learn, their emotional and social considerations, etc. This can be managed by making them understand the need for such training as well as their responsibility to be the supervisor of the cafe.


Learning Objectives

  • The intended learning objectives of the training of the Cafe manager include the following:
  • To develop a better understanding of various safety standards, guidelines, and provisions imposed by British Columbia on cafes and restaurant
  • To develop the ability to implement and monitoring of guidelines related to the safety and security of staff as well as visitors
  • To develop the capability of using various products and equipment to ensure safety so that further training can be provided to other staff members of café
  • To enhance the capability of managing work with a limited workforce with new eligibility policies and procedures

Training Content

For developing an effective training plan the organization needs to identify various knowledge, skills, abilities, and other characteristics that they need to develop within the trainees so that they can perform better for the particular position. With KSAO’s the skills and attributes that are required for the particular positions can be identified. For the position of Cafe manager various KSAO’s are to be considered which includes:

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Knowledge: The cafe manager needs to acquire sufficient knowledge in the context of various regulatory bodies that have issued guidelines and protocols in the context of restaurants and cafes. Along with this various knowledge that they need to develop within the training are related to:

  • Developing a covid-19 safety plan for the employees within the so that the risk of transmission can be reduced
  • Understanding of various risk within the cafe that needs to be mitigated with hygiene practices
  • Selection of various protocol for the workplace which is classified into four levels by British Columbia
  • Knowledge and understanding of all the protocols for restaurants and cafes along with the guidance issued by provisional health officer.

Skills: During the training program cafe manager is expected to develop the skills in the context of effective communication, commercial awareness, teamwork, problem-solving, and perseverance. With the help of these skills, the cafe manager can ensure that all the other staff members are communicated and encouraged in a better way to manage the situation by ensuring compliance with all the instructions provided to them.

Abilities: The abilities that are expected to be improved in the cafe manager include a focus on results, providing training, and sufficient guidance to the other staff members regarding various provisions and standards. Along with this enhanced capability of managing issues and eligibility for policies and procedures are expected because with this efficiency in operation with changed protocols for the workplace can be ensured.

Training Methods

For ensuring better training for the cafe manager of Roundup Cafe efficient training methods needs to be taken into consideration by the owners. The training methods that can be considered include:

Technology-based training: For ensuring the safety and security of staff members, as well as that of the visitor’s various equipment, need to be used within the cafe such as for measuring the temperature, use of various hygienic chemicals within the kitchen, use of various software for placing orders with the suppliers, new electronic payment system, etc. To facilitate this technological training needs to be provided to the cafe manager of Roundup Cafe so that the use of such products can be ensured as per the guidelines.

Lecture-based training: This method of training is suitable for the cafe manager as with the help of this they can get to know about the outlook of various regulatory bodies and their members such as British Columbia Provisional Health Officer against various protocols, guidance, measures, and confederations. In this situation, this method of training can lead to optimal learning.

Role modeling: For enhancing the motivation level of cafe manager as well as for promoting their practice this training is most suitable it is a Counterpart of the lecture training method. With this training method, the ability of a manager for working with other staff members will improve.

In the prevailing situation of Roundup Cafe, these methods of training are highly suitable and affordable because they have to conduct training for one employee which can provide in-house training to other staff members. This will reduce the overall cost of training for the organization and with the enhanced capability of the cafe manager or supervisor they can ensure compliance with all the guidelines and safety standards.

Learning Principles

To ensure the effectiveness of training in the context of the organization the principles of adult training need to be taken into consideration by the organizers which include participation, repetition, relevance, transference, and feedback. In the case of the training of a cafe manager, the applicability of all the five principles is considered. For instance, the café manager is ready to take part in each activity of the training with repetition to learn new aspects proposed by the regulatory organization for safety and security. Along with this the developed ability is releva


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