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The Correlations Of Sports And Media

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There are numerous of sport that are shown on Terrestrial Tv such as BBC 1 – Match of the day, which is in the Saturday and shows us premier league highlights and currently shows live football, world cups, Olympics and Fa cup games. BBC 2 – Great north run, snooker world championship and the London marathon. ITV – rugby word cup, England games, oxford v Cambridge boat race, and women’s world cup. Channel 4 – Paralympics racing and f1. Channel 5 – cricket highlights, rugby highlight, formula E, Boxing and Rugby 7s. These are the variety of sports you can find in Terrestrial TV.

Satellite TV

There are many channels on satellite that are loyal sports channels such as Sky channels – Sky sports main event, sports F1, sky sports cricket, golf. However, to pandemic Covid 19 a lot more football games were being streamed at sky tv which helped a lot of fans to watch. BT sports – Champions league games are scheduled throughout the week, Live premiership football, UFC and French football (Ligue 1), You may have to pay extra to gain access to BT sports. However, the channels can be great but you still have to pay subscriptions. Eurosport suggest sports such as – snooker, swimming, winter Olympics.


Sports is regularly placed at the back of the newspaper in the week. On weekends Sports is set in the middle and at the back. Sundays and Mondays includes game reports/player grades and generals about the weekend’s fixtures. Football is the most famous sport in this country and mostly all papers will explain about football. Other sports include cricket, rugby, tennis, boxing, F1 and others are covered. Around these sports gets more attentions than others when in season. Women’s sports do not get a lot of attention compared to men sports. Women will only get attention if its women world cup.


There are lots of magazines within shops about all types of sports and boxing is one of them. This magazine would cost £3-£6 because it is really interesting and it tells you everything about boxing. It is also interesting because Anthony Joshua explain how he got the Heavyweight Special.

Second example is about Basketball and it will charge you £3-£6. This is because it is very exciting and it inspires you to play basketball. This magazine is about Kyrie Irving being the next legend.

Autobiography Books

There are many books based on sport and the background of sport. These books can be valuable as you could understand more where a convinced sport originated from or the rules of a specific sport you enjoy playing. Some books might be based on a football, rugby, cricket. Also coaching books are also popular within sports.



You can listen to sports every day and usually professional player will host the argument. The world’s biggest sports on radio station is talk sports. Talk Sport is a sports radio station and the official broadcaster of the Premier League. Broadcasting 24 hours a day, besides football and includes live coverage of other sporting events like rugby, cricket and boxing.

Local radio coverage

Local Radio. BBC Radio Kent. BBC Radio Lancashire. BBC Radio Leeds. BBC Radio Leicester. BBC Radio Lincolnshire. BBC Radio London. BBC Radio Manchester. BBC Radio Merseyside. 95.6 BBC west midlands are our local radio station. Our local teams such as Birmingham city, Aston Villa, and many more. They would be explained on how games are played. But there are other local sports like rugby, basketball, boxing, and cricket can also be mentioned.

National radio coverage

All radio programs are available for live streaming over the Internet, and most (excluding drama, poetry and music) as audio-on-demand, or for download as MP3s for at least four weeks after broadcast. Some programs are available as MP3s going back to 2005, when Radio National commenced podcasting. This nation also plays music but it can break because it keeps you updated on scores in sports such as football, rugby and basketball.

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Internet radio

Internet radio is getting more famous as you can listen anywhere online or if you have a good connection. Internet Radio UK, online radio stations, listen to internet radio Internet Radio UK lists all top online radio stations from the United Kingdom. There are many radio sports such as BBC sports live 5, BBC radio WM and talk sports.



This blog about Zion Williamson talking about how he made to NBA and his past. Blogs are now popular with famous players writing about themselves. Next up on our list of the best sports blogs is tennis. Not only is tennis by far the most popular racket sport in the world, it’s one of the most popular sports in the world. The likes of Roger Federer, Serena Williams, Rafael Nadal and our very own Tim Henman have elevated what was already a well-loved sport to new heights in recent history.

Video sharing

Video sharing is when someone sends a video from any websites like YouTube sports videos and how some players educating us to learn. This photo suggests that how LeBron James play and also tell us game highlights.


London, England, United Kingdom About Website Follow us to keep up with the news on Football, Golf, Rugby, Cricket, Tennis, F1, Boxing and more from Sky Sports. Frequency 30 posts / day Also in UK Sports News Websites Website 3. SB Nation | Sports News, video, live coverage, community. For example, NBA have their own websites which allow you to see fixtures and you can also buy seasons tickets.

Social media

Many sports have their own social media like Instagram and twitter including many more. The social media tools have impacted the sports from many different ways, such as communications and sports marketing. Obviously, social media is one of the most important tools for sports, the fans and the athletes. First of all, as we know, the population of social media users has increased dramatically over the past years.

Fan sites

Plenty teams have their own fan page like Liverpool. Liverpool fan page has many interesting things like they are doing giveaways and sell merchandise. It also has a women page about blogs. Also, Liverpool have a streaming site and have their own sponsorship.

Live streams

Live sport (live tv) is a free website for sport streams, videos and live score. Some live streams can charge you for each game you watch but watching interesting games like champion leagues will cost more. Also, some pages are illegal to watch because they don’t charge you and they have to.

P2P Sharing

P2P refers to peer-to-peer live streaming technology designed for sharing video streams online. Football matches are streamed live online using various technologies such as peer-2-peer technology or through popular video hosting networks. This form of watching live soccer is made available through the thousands of soccer fans on-line who share their streams with their mates through enabled websites.


Aside from the TV set and Internet, podcasts are another way for ardent fans to get the latest sports news. Created on the lines of a radio show, podcasts enable individuals to broadcast their message to the public and are easy to follow.

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