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The Cost We Pay for Modern Technology

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Technology plays a vital role in today’s world. People are so dependent on technology, that one cannot think of survival without it. In 20th century technology has shown its growth in every sector whether it is in education, communication, automobile etc. and also technology has vastly increased our capacity to know, achieve and collaborate. When mentioning of how technology impacts our society people will think of its positive influence. However according to Newton’s third law of motion “for every action there is an opposite reaction”. Indeed, technology is beneficial to us, however at the same time it brings negative consequences. Although, the rise of new technology has improved our daily lives by bringing many conveniences, but on the other hand it increases the rate of obesity and isolation in the society. So, in this research paper I will bring my lime light on the cost we have to pay for such technology like cellphone, television, computer and automobile in term of physical and social world.

First Argument: Cellphone

Technology causes individuals to turn out to be progressively disengaged. It altogether impacts our social connection. One may believe that informal organization unites individuals. For instance, you can without much of a stretch locate your tragically deceased companions on an informal community, for example, Facebook or Twitter. Be that as it may, innovation is additionally destroying our face-to-face correspondence. The image of individuals holding their telephone and messaging isn't elusive in broad daylight. You can undoubtedly observe a gathering of companions go to an eatery and every one of them invest more energy playing with their telephones than having discussion with their companions. Quickly, innovation appears to associate individuals together yet it really detaches. Youthful couples out to supper dismantle out their cellphones to check messages, messages and interpersonal organizations even before filtering the menu, and check their telephones over and over all through the feast. Customers and suburbanites remaining in line, individuals going across occupied boulevards, even cyclists and drivers whose eyes are on their telephones rather than their environment. Babies in kid buggies playing with a computerized gadget, a parent's or maybe even their own — rather than watching and gaining from their general surroundings. Individuals strolling down the road with eyes on their telephones, finding others, stumbling over or colliding with obstructions. Social interaction is reduced only to digital and social environments. How often have you seen that individuals sit with one another, yet don't communicate. This is perhaps the greatest disservice of cell phones that the cutting-edge world is influenced by. Individuals favor being on their cellphones, talking with individuals not present, as opposed to having discussions with individuals in a similar room. Distracted drivers and pedestrians use mobile phones and cause accidents.

The use of cellphones has been one of the main causes of traffic accidents in recent times. Numerous reckless drivers keep on content or call while driving and that prompts occupied driving. Occupied driving is hazardous, and has been one of the main inconveniences of cellphones. Most people on foot are additionally to blame. They keep viewing in the city, excessively engaged with their telephones, and without giving any consideration to their environment. This also has prompted numerous mishaps. Abstain from getting calls, don't watch recordings, or mess around on your telephone, while driving or strolling in the city. It isn't hazardous for you; however, you are placing life of other individuals in danger. In addition, another enormous issue in this day and age is security as should be obvious individuals don't have as a lot of protection as we were having in by gone eras. It turns into a social pattern to post our photos, areas and emotions on the web-based life to get fascination from other individuals however for that affected fascination individuals need to forfeit their protection.

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Second Argument: TV and Computer

As we know with the invention of television and computer which have bring revolutionary changes in modern world, however each coin has two aspects, for such revolutionary changes we have to face a lot of problems. The first disadvantage is that there is a lot of vulgarity and unlawful substance on TV. There is an excess of sex, bareness, brutality, foul language and abnormal symbolism that may have desperate outcomes on little youngsters. Forceful and brutal conduct among youngsters, youthful grown-ups and grown-ups can be followed back to an excessive amount of TV in adolescence. There are numerous cases of children or young people utilizing foul language, taking part in sexual intercourses or partaking in vicious standoffs to duplicate what they find in motion pictures, music recordings and wrestling matches. Young people can likewise be attracted into medication use, inferable from the over-dissemination of music that advances medication use and motion pictures that make medication use appear to be a cool or ordinary activity. An excess of TV is connected to genuine wellbeing dangers. Sitting on the love seat staring at the TV throughout the day does little to consume overabundance calorie consumption in the body. Subsequently, numerous incessant watchers become corpulent. Stoutness is identified with numerous illnesses including diabetes and heart related ailments. It additionally meddles with the rest cycle of watchers. Now and again, they stare at the TV late into the night, appreciating just couple of long periods of beneficial rest, before going on another gorge of TV viewing. Poor dozing practices are connected to rest troubles, wretchedness, uniform, migraines and different diseases. PCs have made it feasible for individuals to work alone on errands on which they would need to team up with others if they somehow managed to need to do them physically, for example, contributing figures in books of records. Along these lines, the workplace in workplaces is to such an extent that all laborers focus on simply taking a gander at the PC with little communication with associates. PCs have thusly diminished the degree of collaboration among individuals, which advances an enemy of social culture. One of the manners by which organizations guarantee they are in front of their rivals is by keeping data on their business techniques mystery. Be that as it may, PCs have made it simple for mystery data to be taken and spilled to contenders. With data stockpiling gadgets, for example, streak circles, an individual can recover data from an organization's PC and get out with it without discovery, since it is little enough to fit in his pocket. This data can arrive in the hands of contenders who will recreate your methodologies and perform superior to you in the market.

Third Argument: Automobile

No doubt automobile industry is greatly influenced by technology. Every day we see a new technology in automobile sector. However, this technology has also brought unwanted problems that we have to face in day-to-day routine. Firstly, death rates have been increased a lot from last few decades and automobile is the one of the main reasons behind it. As a lot of people are being dying because of the road accidents even though, some of them are not driving the vehicles but they still loss their life due to failures of other drivers. Obesity problems are increasing day by day due to less physical activities and more dependence on vehicles. For example, in earlier days’ people used to walk more but now people do not prefer to walk even if their destination is nearby and because of this obesity is increasing. Secondly, it also impacts on natural resources as vehicles are totally dependent on unrenewable fuels and because of it we are losing that natural resources which we will be extinct in future. Thirdly, the consumption of fuel is unbalancing the environment. Carbon dioxide has been increased due to emission of pollution in air due to emission of dangerous gases into air it not only effects different species, but also increases global warming. Moreover, vehicles also produce noise pollution which increases hearing problems in children and seniors.


To conclude my research, I would say that even we know that technology affects us in numerous ways in our day-to-day life, but we could not totally put away from us because it has become integral part of our lives. But we can do some efforts to reduce our dependence on technology to make better and save future.

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