The Crucible and The Grapes of Wrath: Analytical Essay

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“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.”The author is trying to say that we are one and we cannot be someone else. This quote was stated by Oscar Wilde. He was an Irish poet and playwright Introduce author. In the crucible, the group has individual power. We saw it when we read it shows witchcraft in Salem which was forbidden at the time..’’It is rare for people to be asked the question which puts them squarely in front of themselves”.“You are pulling down heaven and raising a whore”. The second story, The Grapes of Wrath history tells the story of people who left their countries but did not want to do it but had to improve their lives. The third Story I Will talk about is La Cause because this is about how hard people worked and how women had no choice in their lives. “ I was working for so-and-so, and when I complained about something that happened there, I was fired”. 'If you can take the women out to the fields, you can certainly take them to meetings”. “ You stay at home! You have to take care of the children You have to do I say!

In The Crucible Story, we see girls defending themselves so that they do not die and so they decide to lie to other people.'I cannot speak but I am doubted, every moment judged for lies, as though I come into a court when I come into this house!' (Proctor, Act 2 p. 52) This quote shows that those people who lie and lie to other people then they will appear to die if someone finds out the truth about them. I only hope you'll be so sarcastic no more. Four judges and the King’s deputy sat to dinner with us but an hour ago. I would have you speak civilly to me, from this out.'Mary Warren has more power and she gets respect in this story, respect is of great importance because people believed in the person who had great respect and she uses it to protect herself. Mary warren, with greater impatience with him: I told you the proof. It's hard to proof, hard as a rock, the judges said.' (Act 2, p. 54)The court believes her even when she has no real evidence. It shows us how the proctor has changed as a person from the momentary beginning of history into a more godly man who sacrificed his life for the sake of saving his family. In the second paragraph, I will have a very interesting story that you may like. And we move on to the other side because we have to write about the second story. The Grapes of Wrath.

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The Grapes of Wrath talks about how humans can manipulate other people for their demands, but they can't manipulate the whole world. This is about what I say in this text. For example, when you used a person for something and she did everything to help you, but you just used him and gave him nothing like himself.“ This is the beginning - from'' I `` to'' we ``. (206) This quote author trying to explain to people. This is when people start with a bad life but they want to make it better. And then help people who have a bad life. The author wrote this quote because when people were fooling or wanting to protect themselves, the author wrote about it to explain it to us. For here “I lost my land” has changed, and the cell is split and from its splitting grows the thing you hate— “We lost our land. “For here “I lost my land” is changed, a cell is split and from its splitting grow the thing you hate- “ We lost our land. This quotе implies that people can be better for each other, and it happened in history that they began to help one another.“The western land was nervous under the beginning change. The western states were nervous as horses before a thunderstorm. The great powers nervous sensing a change, Knowing nothing of the nature of the change”.I think this is analyzing the fact that the power loses a lot of people who go to live in other states or countries here is just tell in this quote. I'm done with this poem and I want to go to the second paragraph because I've told all about this story and I want to tell about the second one.

In paragraph 3 I will tell you the story about “ La Causa” What is the life of immigrants as they live and how do they live? This was written by the immigrant herself, who helped people make changes in their lives, and how she became an author.

The author wants to tell us that women have to defend their rights and that they can go to a meeting because they too work at work just like men. 'If you can take the women out to the fields, you can certainly take them to meetings”.This is important when the state can call women to meetings, it can show women that they not only need to work but they can participate in something. The author wants to say that women should have equal rights and not just do what the man said. “ I was working for so-and-so, and when I complained about something that happened there, I was fired”.It says that women can do nothing but look after their children and do in the fields. The author wants to say that they are women-only to do and look after children “ You stay home! You have to take care of the children You have to do I say! We read how difficult it was for those people who came from another country and how they did the hard work for a small amount of money so that they could support their families and make their lives better, which is why they did for a better life because in the next paragraph we will talk about how I wrote this essay and what these stories are related to my other stories that I wrote.

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