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The Crucible By Arthur Miller: Guilt And Power Of People

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The Crucible is a play written by American playwright Arthur Miller in 1953 and takes place in the Puritan New England town of Salem Massachusetts. This play mainly focuses on and describes the true events of witchcraft during the years of 1692/93. During these years fear, hysteria, and panic defined the way people lived and acted towards one another. If the author was to write this drama in the years 2017/2018 he would have to change his view on society and change certain ideas and characteristics of the characters for them to be up to date to the modern world.

I think that Miller's main message in 'the Crucible' is how governments can abuse their power as both senator Joe Mc Carthy and the accusers in the play only accused of their own gain, power being the obvious reason. Also, he could be saying that both the accusations of the 1950s and those of 1692 were unjustified as the main accuser (Abigail Williams) was found to be untrustworthy when she stole money from Parris and ran away. This play happened in Puritan New England in 1692/93, but what if it happened in Hungary, where at that time the Great Turkish war was in progress. People wouldn’t worry about witchcraft and the views would be different. Also, the language would be different, using a lot of odd words from another language. If the play would be written in different time periods with the same message, it would be taken differently. Nowadays the vast majority of people take witchcraft as a meaningless, made-up thing, so the whole book would be taken differently because back in the day, as we can see witchcraft was taken seriously and people would be falsely convicted and later executed. This doesn’t happen these days and that is why I think time, place and language can later the message of the story. I think that if the play would be written in 2018 it would discuss the problems of today. For example, it would discuss gender inequality, terrorism, and the problems of today's world. Arthur Miller reflects on the paranoia of McCarthyism in his play.

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Another thing was that Arthur Miller changed Abigail William’s age and we know that she was eleven years old girl not a 17-year-old. He did this probably on purpose. Perhaps it’s because he wanted to display her not as a little immature girl but, as a young mature teenage girl. So that people can understand her two-faced personality in a different and easier way. Just imagine for a minute what if her age was eleven and the way the author characterized her personality, her attitude so for some people it'll become much harder to understand the way she reacts and interact with people and especially with John Proctor. Just think for a minute why would an 11-year-old girl go insane, and crazy over a married guy who is already in his thirties and has a wife. So basically what the author is trying to convey is a message through her age, dialogues are a reflection of something that is very significant to the play. If Abigail William’s age was 11 it would complicate the story in a couple of ways one of them is that she could have participated in the rituals that have been performed in the forest and therefore t would be hard for the court to accuse her.

For me, to make the play more profitable in 2018 id would have to talk more about romance and relationship and personal lives of characters. It would incorporate the reader a lot more.

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