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The Dark Side of Technology

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As the advent of technology brought an easiness and comfort in our life, at the same time it brought some devastating impact on our social life. People don’t take interest in their ambitions and life matters, they only enjoy using different technological gadgets like computers, mobile phones, speakers, iPods, television. Besides this, there is a huge outreach to almost every person in social media that may be any leader, scholar, model etc. This was not possible without technology.

Technology had vanished our culture, norms, rituals, values slowly and gradually. It overshadowed our regional language and literature. It also changes our wearing style, our taste regarding food, fashion, movies, as well as house building techniques. This brought a big change in our society. We are forgetting our culture and adopting West at peak level. It has become requirement of our society to buy brandy and trendy items to look an ideal part in the society.

Apart from that, there is severe impact of technology on our mental health, as well as physical health. It causes diseases of the eyes, hearing, asthma, cancer and chronic diseases. It also causes anxiety and stress due to outreach communication and excessive use of technology. People forget to do exercise and walk because they always stuck onto their phones and computers. They become lazy and dump.

People spend many hours on using technology and waste their time forgetting their studies and future goals. Student spend time on playing games, watching videos and chatting with friends. They don’t take interest in books and educational activities due to which they waste their time and spoil their future. Elders use technology at the time of their offices and professional works. They also not do official works properly that cause problems in their future employment status.

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Everyone is so attached to their computers and phones so that they moved into social isolation. People don’t want to go outside for gatherings and family parties because they want to spend most of its time by using technological gadgets. For this reason, people meet with each other after many moons

Technology bought so many benefits and luxuries in our life at the same time it brought many disadvantages in our life. Discovery of planes, machinery and vehicles caused air and noise pollution in your environment. Besides this, the chemicals from factories are thrown into the lakes, rivers and seas which cause water pollution that leads to water borne diseases in human beings.

People use money for buying new and trendy technological appliances like mobile phones, tablets, computers, laptops, other machines for the sake of their status. They also use much money to take use and maintain such accessories.

So, summing up all of the above, we can say that technology has brought a lot of luxury and comfort to our lives, but it has also created a life full of clutter. Hence, technology is absorbing us in such a way that we completely change our social life and accept it as a blessing.

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