The Dark Side Of The Moon

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Going to the moon had always been my ambition. I had dreamed of this intrepid feat my whole life, despite being told countless times by my family that my attempts would only end in futility. However, I never gave up. Instead of being discouraged, their demoralizing comments spurred me to keep trying. It took me 20 years to construct a spacecraft that would be able to travel to far places like the moon. The process was long, tedious and arduous. I suffered both physically and mentally. With nobody to help or support me, I had to trip my way through life’s hardships all on my own.

Soaring through outer space in my spaceship, I marveled at the sights surrounding me. I could see millions of tiny stars, the colourful band of the Milky Way and meteors zooming past. I could even see a vague image of V616 Monocerotis through the lens of my binoculars. The scintillating sun emitted radiant rays, a golden globe giving life to its pitch black background. Glancing back, the Earth gradually became smaller and smaller until it was no longer in view. 3 days passed and I could finally see the moon. It was a lucent, silver disk coruscating moonlight, brightening up the solemnity of its tenebrous surroundings.

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As my spacecraft zoomed towards the moon, my face lit up with wonder and satisfaction. I did it. I reached the moon, the place I had been dreaming about for more than 40 years. My life-long aspiration had finally come true. My family would be so proud. When I travelled back to Earth, I would be shrouded in fame and wealth. The story of my valiant, incredible journey would be all over the internet. Thrilled by the idea, I buoyantly bounced up and down, suspended in air because of gravity. However, my happiness was only ephemeral, for there was a colossal asteroid zooming towards my spacecraft at supersonic speed. The last thing I saw was the resplendent glow of the moon, dazzling and magnificent, before I was plunged into eternal darkness.

I woke up to find myself enveloped in the malodorous smell of sulfur. What just happened? Where am I? Is this the place where I die? I frantically brooded. Am I slowly turning delirious? With a jolt, I realised that there were greenish-brown tentacles curled around my shoulders. They were viscid and made me squirm in repugnance and abhorrence. Aliens. I. Just. Encountered. Aliens. I thought in incredibility. My thoughts were swimming around in my head. I just couldn’t think properly. As I tried to pull away, their tentacles tightened around me, suffocating me and making it hard to breathe. Each attempt was met with a stern warning.

I collapsed in rout. All my efforts were to no avail. It was too hard to fight back; I was already enervated. The mutterings of some strange language I didn’t understand filled my ears. The voice was lilting, enchanting, almost hypnotising, and it made me feel somewhat somnolent. Suddenly, my nose began to itch and I sneezed loudly, an ear-splitting sound that immediately silenced everything. Swiftly, the aliens all concomitantly whipped their heads around to face me. The intensity of their stares made me feel very uneasy. Then, their scrutinizing looks turned into that of wonder and fascination. The aliens’ faces lit up and suddenly, they turned into exuberant children, babbling ebulliently and turning to sneak occasional coups d'œil at me. It seemed as though I was the missing piece to their jigsaw puzzle.

An alien exited a rather outlandish-looking structure, carrying various objects in its tentacles. I peered closer and noticed that the objects resembled fragile, frangible test tubes with labels on them. Scrawled neatly in English on each tube-like item were the names of the scientific elements found in space, like helium and hydrogen. I didn’t know aliens could write! How intelligent are they? I ruminatively pondered. How much could they possibly know about science? It seemed that they were planning to do some sort of experiment. Maybe they’re trying to observe any chemical changes that were happening. Or maybe they’re studying chemical bonding?” I tried to reason.

The alien started walking towards me and with a jolt, I realised that they were going to perform their experiment on me, in other words, I was going to be their “experimental animal”. I recoiled in trepidation at the idea. I don’t want to die. I’m too young to leave this world. There are still things I need to do. The alien suddenly grunted, a guttural and gravelly sound that resembled a horse snorting. It grabbed one of the tubes and pointed to the label, which read “Sleeping”. I’m going to die anyways, so it may as well be a peaceful death. I thought woefully. Only then did I realise that I had landed on the dark side of the moon, the side facing away from the Earth, the side where nobody came out alive.


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