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The Decisive Reason For Exploring Space

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Why do people keep trying to go into space, and explore space? Today, many countries try to explore and study space. Many people argue that space exploration is dangerous, so should not be done anymore, but why do people still explore space? There are three good reasons why we should continue to explore space.

First, we're going to need a new space habitat because we're going to have less and less space to survive in the future. Increasing population density means more and more people live in certain areas. So far, it is fine, but if the death rate is lowered due to the continued birth of the child and the development of medical technology, there will eventually be a lack of space for humans to live in. Not only population problems but also environmental pollution and various problems may cause people to not live on Earth. That's why we need to make room for human beings in advance through space exploration. Because we don't know when what we've said above will become a reality, the exploration for a place where we can live in the vast universe must begin as soon as possible.

Additionally, we need new resources for the development of mankind. Since the Industrial Revolution of the 19th century, mankind has made very rapid progress. Numerous resources have been used in the course of human development, some of which are bottoming out. In order to replenish these resources, mankind must find resources that can replace the depleted resources. Finding new resources, if not replenishing depleted resources, is very important. This can be seen from the history of mankind. When iron was discovered, mankind began to develop through war, marking the beginning of the Iron Age. In addition, it helped develop faster by making better-performing farming tools than the existing ones. From these facts, we can see how much the discovery of new resources affects mankind. Therefore, we must find new resources for the new development of mankind.

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Finally, we have to interact with extraterrestrial life on other planets. Many scientists are convinced that there will be planets other than Earth where life lives. This is because although the universe is large and wide, planets with similar conditions to Earth have already been found several times, and there have been many planets with signs of water flowing. Considering the possibility of extraterrestrial life living in a completely different environment from Earth, the odds of alien life being present are close to 100 percent. Therefore, we should try to find extraterrestrial life that can communicate with us. If they have a higher level of knowledge than we do, they can learn and exchange what they need. You may think it's unrealistic, but it's not far into the future. We need to be prepared for the changing times.

Some people might say that all this is nonsense and will never happen. No matter how large the population increases, it may be said that there is no shortage of human habitable space, and that there is still a lot of resources left until resources are exhausted. But the Earth is getting sick faster than we thought. In fact, the increase in the area that is submerged in the sea and no longer habitable is accelerating. Resources are also being consumed faster than expected in various fields. If you look at this situation, the lack of space and resources to live in will soon become a reality.

Exploration of the universe is the fastest way for mankind to take a step forward and is a way to prepare for the dangers facing humanity. People can also try to interact if mankind meet an unknown living things. For these reasons, I think space exploration is a must.

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