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The Difference Between Physical and Emotional Pain

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Imagine getting punched in the face, probably an aching pain. Then picture a six-year-old being picked on for her hair. In result, she’s probably going to cry and get emotional.

Physical and emotional pain are two different kinds of pain. One being personally afflicted on the body and another pain towards an emotional aspect of feelings. Emotional pain in my perspective and my experience is worse than physical pain. In elementary school I got bullied, it emotionally affected and challenged me, and under the circumstance, I ended up growing up insecure. Elementary school was not one of my favorite years. As a child, I obliged my mother’s morals when it came to dressing for school to doing my hair. In doing so those morals did not always follow the “trend” that was in during that time. Not being in trend with everyone else resulted in me being bullied. Being bullied is not something anyone wants to go through nor should. In getting bullied I would be told thing concerning my hair, my clothes, and my overall look. The pain conflicted towards these hurtful words were just as if it were physical pain. The sadness was eating me alive, thus, causing me to go to the counselor as my last resort. My counselor helped me get through the emotional distress that was building up inside me. The process of counseling got me through elementary but did not settle the emotions entirely. Being emotionally affected by the experience of bullying challenged me.

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Pain conflicted by words is hurtful. This type of suffering can create a barrier to mixed emotions. Especially if one bottle up the feelings without letting them out. I know it was not a good idea to bottle up my emotions, so I tried methods to let them out. I tried joining groups in school, started new hobbies, starting a journal, or talking to someone. Every concept challenged me in the forms of difficulty, escape, and relief. In all aspects taken into consideration helped me to keep moving as an individual. In the occurrence of the situation I grew up insecure. Being made fun of creates an uncertain feeling of oneself. I was not very confident of myself and had very low self-esteem. Building up self-esteem is not always easy when it has been bashed on continuously. It is easy to accept a compliment but it is another thing in believing it. I have been growing up not self-confident and always doubting myself. However, I can say I have improved slightly through the years but deep down inside the insecurity will follow.

There will always be our downfalls or not so good years, which mine was elementary school. I had over gone in experiencing bullying which was not the best feeling and only consumed me. Not only ate at me but affected me emotionally and challenged me. The overall experience constructed this insecurity inside me which has gotten better yet is still there. Its a milestone to get through bullying but those who have gone through this significant event have grown stronger, bolder, and wiser because of it.

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