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The Difference Between The Bible And Greco-Roman Mythology Of Creation Of Man

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If we carefully and impartially study the Bible, the Holy book of Christianity, and the Greco-Roman myths, we can see that both Ancient Greeks and Ancient Christians may have held similar beliefs about the world they were living in. However, there are also quite a few differences between them.

The first and most obvious difference is number of gods participated in the creation of man. Thus, in Greco-Roman mythology Prometheus created man out of mud, then the goddess Athena breathed life into creature. While according to the text of the Bible, the only creator is the Lord God who “formed the man from the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life”.

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Another difference is the reason of creation of man. According to the myths, as the earth became suitable for life, the gods decided to inhabit the planet with creatures of life that might live through the graces of the gods and amuse them. The God created the man to work in the Garden of Eden and take care of it, to rule over all other creatures.

Moreover, the method as well as the reason for creating a woman are also quite different. In the Bible, the Lord made a woman out of Adam’s rib and a flesh as a suitable helper for man. Later Adam named her Eve as she would become the mother of all living. In the myths, on the contrary, Hephaestus, on the orders of Zeus, created a woman from a lump of clay as a punishment to man. The first woman was beautiful and devious at the same time. In myths, Woman was made to make man miserable.

In addition, the role of women in the appearance of evil on earth has differences. In Genesis, when God created man and woman and placed them in the Garden of Eden, he allowed them to eat fruit from any tree other than the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. There was no death, suffering, or evil in the world that time. Then the serpent by tricks and guile persuaded Eve to taste the forbidden fruit. The serpent tempted Eve, promising that after eating the fruit, people will not die, but will become Gods who know good and evil. Therefore, she took the fruit and ate it. Adam followed his wife. As a result, sin, death, suffering and evil would now be commonplace. In Greek myths, Gods made first woman. They called her Pandora, which means “all-gifted, all-giving” because each of the gods gave her some kind of a gift. She was also given a large box holding all of the Spites that might plague humankind, such as Old Age, Labor, Sickness, Insanity, Vice and Passion. Although both in ancient Greek mythology and in Christianity, the Woman was featured in a negative role, in the Bible, the blame for the fall is also assigned to Adam.

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