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The Difference Between Two Prominent Civil Rights Activists: Martin Luther King Jr. And Malcolm X

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During the Civil Rights Movement, Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X were very prominent. They were both great speakers and shared one goal, but they had two separate ways to solve it. Martin Luther King Jr. wanted to solve the problems by using non-violence to achieve the goal of promoting justice among all races. Malcolm X always wanted to reduce segregation and be separated, but to use another strategy to achieve the same goal effectively. These men's experiences were one of the main driving forces behind the ways in which they carried out their attempts to rise above the frequent inhumanities.

Martin Luther King Jr. was a more accented speaker, a more articulate ruler, seeing the broader picture rather than Malcolm X. Martin Luther King Jr. came from a middle-class home with two loving and supportive parents. He was born on January 15, 1929, in Georgia. One of three children was Dr. King Jr. The influence he had on black and white audiences changed the way racism and harmony were perceived. He was such a revolutionary orator he won the 1964 Nobel Peace Prize. Martin Luther King Jr. was the living definition of a nonconformist prototype who is a person who does not change his initial thoughts or actions based on what others are doing. The prototypical nonconformist explanation he describes so well is because his speeches have been written to inspire all races, especially young African Americans, to use non-violence to solve any problems and never lose sight of their dreams. His most famous speech 'I Have a Dream' spoke about uplifting one another with the absence of hatred and violence to help achieve each other's goals. He also brought forth the belief that God considers no race higher than any other, in his view all races are equal.

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Often known as Malcolm Jr, Malcolm X took a slightly different direction in his speeches with how he attracted his audiences. Malcolm Little was born on May 19, 1925 in Omaha, Nebraska. He wasn't as lucky as growing up Martin Luther King Jr. was. Malcolm X, with two loving parents, was one of eight children, but later died. From the Islamic point of view, he was more a speaker on racism than an orator. The irony that poured through all his speeches had implications as serious as Martin Luther King Jr. made his speeches look. Literally, Martin Luther King Jr. was born as a general ruler. He was inspired by the rage generated in the past by white men. His mother was forced to move out of town when he was younger because the sermons of his father were starting to cause an uproar between blacks and whites in the area.

Malcolm X's leadership brought to the world was rejuvenated power which gave hope to young black men and women to rise above the white man and his rules. To target a specific audience, he used sarcasm and irony. While in jail, his leadership skills were taught. Martin Luther King seems to be the perfect hero that everyone in the Civil Rights era wanted to have. Since being a little boy, he has been a family man and has stuck to his values all the time, he has been a spiritual leader. From the very beginning, great leadership abilities flowed through his veins. Martin Luther King Jr. saw the larger overall image and felt that at least he should try to open the eyes of the people to see what he did. Malcolm X is also a big hero. His thoughts and actions were brilliant, but in a more dictatorial sense they were executed. The target wasn't as large as it was with Dr. King Jr. His goal was more about black young men and black young women. The mentality people received was to be superior to whites in the future along the lines of love for black power and blacks. When it came to political and social issues, there was nothing comparable. This is where many blacks challenged his leadership. Equality sounded better than other races dominated.

We know in history that no two men are alike, but they were phenomenal people and leaders, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X. Both had in the future visualized change; yet, they could not see it literally. Both Dr. King and Malcolm X set out to give blacks across the United States a sense of confidence. Their main purpose was to help instill the power and strength of black to transcend the racial disparity and racism surrounding them, but they both had some unique and distinct ways to promote their message. Martin was more focused and centered on the justice and well-being of the world as a whole, the subjective view of the world by Malcolm X was very well tainted by indignation, resentment, and the desire for revenge at the detriment of the society he felt unfairly treated him.

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