The Dust Bowl and Its Impact on Farmers

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The Dirty Thirties, or the 1930s. What is so special about this time period? During the 1930s, it was a challenge for people around the world. Everyone worked more than they had ever did before. Many people lost everything they owned and suffered from lack of money. One of the most affected people by this worldwide economic depression were farmers who owned ranches and farms. They had hard time growing their crops and ended up with no money left to feed their families. But what affected them so badly that they couldn't make any money? What effects did the 1930s, or now known as The Great Depression, had on Farmers?

The Dust Bowl was simply a period of severe dust storms. Started from 1930 and ended in 1936, the Dust Bowl greatly damaged the America, especially the Southern Great Plains of North America. The Dust Bowl was caused by several economic and agricultural factors, including changes in regional weather and farm economics. The powerful winds that accompanied the drought of the 1930s eroded tons of topsoil. As the soils eroded, it affected the towns and people negatively.

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In the Dust Bowl, about 7,000 people lost their lives because of the Dust Pneumonia. The Dust Pneumonia was a disease caused by the dusts from the Dust Bowl, which carried germs and illnesses along with it. Dust Pneumonia resulted when the lungs are filled with dust, creating symptoms like coughs and chest pains. Some of the dust storms caused farmers to lose and leave their towns and their homes. The dust storms degraded soil productivity and damaged air quality that the farmers had hard time managing their crops.

As said in the previous paragraph, the dust storms affected the growth of the crops and harmed the air quality. The dusts from the Dust Bowl blocked the sunlight and polluted the rain which crops needed in order to grow. The air was also polluted by the dusts and damaged the crop’s quality and safety. However, the Dust Bowl was not the only reason of why farmers had hard time with their agriculture business.

The summer of 1936 was one of the worst droughts ever recorded and crops dried up in the fields. Also, the winters of 1934 and 1936 were especially long and cold. In addition, unpredictable weather and natural disasters, such as tornadoes, blizzards, and floods, were common during the 1930s. Crops needed peaceful conditions to grow properly, and these harsh weathers during the 1930s was not suitable for the crops. Farmers who could no longer help themselves by the crops they grew moved to West in order to find better land and better opportunities.

Farmer’s job is basically to raise crops to market for purpose of eating and selling. In order to make money, farmers need produce crops which is the moneymaker. However, Because farmers could not grow as much as crops they usually produced in the past years, they were left with no money to buy groceries or make farm payments. During the Great Depression, many people lost their properties, such as jobs, houses, money, families, and farmers were no exception.

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