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The Effect of Mobile Phones on Teenagers: An Essay

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Mobile phone is an electronic device which people often use to communicate with one another. It used as a communication tool that allows its users to send messages, access social media or another platform that it provides. Mobile phone can be advantageous nowadays, since our community is building technology to access everything easily. In the other hand, but also it can create disadvantages if it is used often. According to a data from GSMA real-time intelligence in has implied an UN digital analyst which 66.72% of population worldwide owns a mobile phone. The data also shows there are over 8.98 mobile communications that surpassed the current populations which is only 7.69 billion. It can be concluded that most of the societies are living with a mobile phone or even more than one device.

As a new breakthrough in the society created in 1973, mobile phone has been evolving from times to times. It was only a communication tool to communicate with other people in a long distance until it builds up to be bigger and smarter technology. Mobile phone can be very helpful for everyone because of its system, it allowed the users to control everything just to touch and watch over a 4.7 – 6.5 inches object, such as communicating, playing games, reading news, accessing social media, watching a video and even do a payment virtually. Sophistication that mobile phone provides is really insane which almost everything can be done by a small one object with very smart technology feature. In the other words, it can be concluded that mobile phone is taking over almost everything.

The beneficial thing from a mobile phone to make every person accessing everything easily is very satisfying for its users. It becomes more than it is expected or more other than just a communication tool. As the time changing, it has become a daily use to do everything like communicating, learning and so on. The impact of mobile phone really increasing as the time changing and it has a high effect on the younger generation (American Psychiatric Association, 2013). This addiction can lead them into several problems which can be very detrimental for teenagers.

Ability to Stay Connected

One of the beneficial things with having a mobile phone on teenagers is to stay connects with their close one. By having a mobile phone which provides any kind of social media they can easily interact with each other in any situation. According to, there’s a study by Shawn Whiting, the clinical supervisor of behavioral health at Sanford Health in Bemidji, which said the mobile phone has changed how people communicate. The study found those teenagers are often using their mobile phone to connect with each other. They are using it as a communication tool to spend their time with each other. It shows that teenagers often use their mobile phones to access social media to connect with their peers. Shawn also mentioned that most of the teenagers spend their time accessing social media for five or six hours a day. It means mobile phone on teenagers can be a very good platform for them to communicate or getting information through the mobile phones such as social media, the Internet or phone calls. Also, it can make them to stay keep in touch with someone who is in distance. Unlike the old days before the mobile phone era, people especially teenagers are hard to contact their friends if they don’t meet each other. Nowadays, people find it easier to contact each other or giving information. They just need to open up their mobile phone and start texting or calling. It can be concluded, mobile phone become the most effective platform to stay connect with each other. It also makes them always have a friend to talk, to stay keep in touch and avoid the distance between each other.

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Increasing the Affectivity in Learning

Besides communicating, mobile phone on teenager can be a good way to increase their style of learning. According to the study ‘Worldwide on the Profile of a Typical University Student and His Natural Affinity and Interaction with Mobile Technologies’ (Kurkovsky, 2013), “much attention should be devoted to incorporating the modern-day student’s perception of the use of modern mobile phones in facilitating and improving the learning experience”. Which means as the time goes by everyone should be aware that technology that has been created should be use effectively to increase the student interest and effectiveness in learning. In addition, learning through a mobile phone can be very fun since it can be used individually and it has big features to explore everything or usually called ‘Internet’. Furthermore, the Internet feature on mobile phone has a big impact to help teenager to learn faster. Like searching a question online, getting information on the news online and watching educational video online. Besides increasing the affectivity in learning style with mobile phones, it can also help the teenager to study easier. Since the feature on mobile phone is not only the Internet, mobile phones also provide some application to help both student and teacher to manage their classroom better, like a group chat or even an application to submit a task. This means teacher can also manage their classroom and time easier and student can just submit their work online. This way of learning is very effective to teach a teenager in order to create the effectiveness. published Tashfeen Ahmad’s study ‘Mobile Phones as a Learning Tool: A Lecturer’s Perspective’, in which 25 students were asked if the mobile phone can be a distraction in their learning, and surprisingly 64% which consist of 16 students said “no”, 20% which consist of 5 students said “a little” and the rest 4 students said “yes”. This shows most of the teenager especially in college or universities are not getting distracted by their mobile phone. But instead, most of them see it as a key to a good way of leaning style. As a result, mobile phone can increase the creativity of learning in teenagers since it can help them to increase their affectivity. Moreover, it can be beneficial whether it is for the student or the teacher.

Mobile Phone for Emergency Use

Other things which can be use in mobile phone especially for teenagers, they can use it as an emergency access to help them if there’s any dangers. According to the Federal Communications Commission, estimates that 70% of 911 calls are made from mobile devices, and recognizes them as an important public safety tool. This emergency call that provided in America is really effective since most of teenagers using their mobile phone, if they find themselves in a danger situation, they can automatically call that 3 numbers and get a help. Being teenagers to have more socialization and exploring new places is a good part since mobile phone can be a companion. By having a mobile phone, it isn’t only used just for an emergency call, mobile phone also provides a GPS tracker or map if we are lost and so on. This is very beneficial for teenagers who have a high social life, who like to explore and who are afraid to get lost. The other thing by having a mobile phone, even when in non-emergencies, mobile phone can be very helpful. For example, a car breakdown, mobile phone can make requests help much easier and safer.

Getting Addicted

There’s also a bad side about mobile phone which can make the teenagers nowadays to get addicted. Some of teenagers can’t get rid of mobile phone which can create some causes whether it is mental or physical health. According to, in a study conducted by Baylor University, problematic mobile phone users can develop a social media addiction, as well such as impaired self-esteem, impaired work performance and interpersonal conflicts. These kinds of causes are mostly happened when teenagers started to get addicted on their mobile phone or can stop staring at it in a short time. In the study, American addiction center resources have implied that teenagers are often getting addicted to mobile phone in terms in using a social media (such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat etc.). Research has revealed 92% of teens say that they go online daily, while almost constantly and over half of teenagers go online many times a day. It also shows 94% of teenagers access the Internet via their mobile phones at least once a day, if not more. And social media site that most-commonly visited for teens is Facebook with a high percentage that up to 71%, followed by Instagram 52%, then Snapchat 44%. These percentages of teenagers using a mobile phone are quite high. As a result, teenagers often get addicted to a mobile phone by using the Internet, and for using social media too much, it can affect their mental health to causes some problem like depression, low self-esteem and even insomnia.


It is clearly stated in turn out having a mobile phone for a young generation can affect them so much not only it has the positivity of because the users but also it has some negativity. Mobile phone can be very helpful for everyone because of its features. It makes the user to control everything through their gadget. Furthermore, it can be very beneficial for the young generation in having this kind of technology like it could help them to stay connect with everyone, gaining a whole new effectiveness through a mobile phone in learning style and it could help them to have an emergency access in a sudden whenever they are in danger. This good impact of mobile phone is very advantaging. But speaking about advantaging, there must be some disadvantages, and that was no other like the Internet addiction, which will ruin the effectiveness in the younger to have a better or smarter community. This Internet addiction can ruin their health whether it is mentally or physically.

The way to be smart users in an early age and it is state that teenager was the most curious about everything in a while. They have to be wise to choose their kind of choice in using a mobile phone. They have to think carefully before exploring on their gadget in order to create a good impact toward them and to their life, even their future. Mobile phone or technology that human create is a good thing that ever happened in this world, and to prevent the negativity everyone should control and limit themselves in order to become more smarter than a mobile phone.

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