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The Effective Use of Youtube Videos for Teaching Food Chains

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Technology plays a vital role in society and can be incorporated into various aspects of our everyday life. Youtube website is a video sharing service that can be integrated into the traditional Biology lessons. Youtube videos are usually very interactive and if used correctly can play a key role in the teaching and learning field. Learners that are exposed to authentic and real life clips can gain positive indicators (Maness, 2004). The use of Youtube videos to teach the lesson on Food Chain will not only make the lesson more fun and meaningful but also help learners get a better understanding and knowledge of the topic.

During my first week of observation, I realized that the teachers stuck to the traditional way of teaching. If there was any use of technology it would be the use of powerpoint presentation which had nothing but words and a few pictures. This still gave the feeling of the traditional style teaching where the lesson was teacher-centred since the teacher was reading or dictating use the powerpoint. The students often look unengaged and most times were non interactive. Additionally, ease of use and access paired with it being free of charge made the Youtube website a remarkable choice for this study. Youtube can be considered one of the most popular websites in the world (Alexa 2011). In fact there are many channels that students can subscribe to on youtube to get one on one lessons on Youtube. One of the most popular channels is Khan Academy, which has over 5.25 million subscribers worldwide. You can visit the following link to see it The fact that more learners display less interest in the traditional style learning as was seen during my observation period, birthed the topic of this research lesson.

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The purpose of this paper is to shed light on a new way of teaching Integrated Science courses and examine the effective use of Youtube videos for teaching Food Chains in a grade 8 Integrated Science classroom. This paper will seek to answer two questions; namely, Is it helpful and useful to use Youtube as an additional teaching tool in an Integrated Science classroom? And To what extent can Youtube videos improve students’ understanding of and performance in Biology?

The significance of this study is aimed at both teachers and students of Biology. The findings from the lesson study will give insight on how teachers can use Youtube videos as a supplementary material to teach the main topics in the course in order to complete the syllabus accurately and efficiently. Next, it will give students a chance to access these same videos outside the classroom so they can watch the clips as many times and study at their own pace, thus making them more active and independent learners. The final objective is to offer teachers a chance to use new mode of learning and make the Biology classroom more student centered.

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