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The Effects Of Sports On Children Development

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As a parent would you put your kid into a sports program to develop their characteristics? As a young kid, my mother and father put me into many sports such as basketball, baseball and soccer. When I was at practices and games I always loved being there and having fun. Children who play sports are less likely to end up doing drugs and their behavior will be better balanced than kids who don’t attend sports. Also playing sports as a kid helps boost our mental and physical appearance and create friendships you can’t have unless you play sports. Finally kids are developing morals and principals everyday through going to practices and attending games.

Starting off when you put your child into a sports program of any kind, the most important thing they develop is their morals and principals. As a child morals and principals are characteristics that you need to develop correctly and quickly to be a respectful child. Joining a sport is the perfect way to do that, according to NDFadmin which states “children who are actively engaged in sports can be good role models for their peers from school, neighborhood, or even school choir”. While playing sports kids don’t regard the social class, race, nationality or culture of the players around them they are just there to have fun which can bring anyone and everyone together. Also according to a blog The Importance of Sports in Children says that “They learn to respect authority, rules, team colleagues and opponents.” Children when put through sports learn many life lessons that you will need further into your adulthood such as “youth sports teaches teamwork, social skills, healthy habits, self discipline, sportsmanship and listening” according to the article written by Ryan Tremblay.

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Also playing sports as a young child even through highschool can boost your physical and mental standpoint. Playing some sports will be entertaining and help support the physical and mental state. Participating in most sports will help reduce stress, encourage physical and mental state, and promotes interpersonal skills. involving yourself in the sport strengthens your spirit and all different muscles while having lots of fun. Firstly, let’s discuss how the personal reduce stress by playing the sport. Every time people people in this world will struggle with stress and are in search of ways to treat it and joining sports as a young child is the perfect way! Kids who play sports build self-esteem very well. They often end up performing well in school and maintaining high grades. Also kids who play sports will end up in shape and will stay out of the obesity category. Recent studies show that kids who participated in team related sports as a child will end up with better mental health as an adult. According to the Cleveland Clinic who says “a recent study shows that engaging in team sports can actually help kids ward off depression too.” If you play on a team in highschool or even ages below you will have less mental stress on your body which in turn results in better physical health. Also when you have better physical health and you are in shape you are able to feel relaxed and not uptight and stressed about your body condition. Joining sports at an age even as late as 12 can improve your health later down the road and “protects you from poor mental health” according to Newport Academy.

One of the most talked about topics when it comes to sports of young children is behavior. Children who play sports frequently surpass their peers in the classroom. Attendance is much better and classes are greater. Children who play young sports and have stronger connections with their education, better individual relationships, and fewer behavioral issues inside and outside the classroom. The discipline and education required to participate in sports helps to create productive adult. Athletes see what it takes to be a leader and to succeed with pride which motivates them to do better than the regular student in the classroom. Sports also encourage young children to improve self control, persevere, and be responsible. Studies show that kids who participate in sports are less likely to become drug users, and alcohol addicts. According to Ryan Tremblay “female high school athletes are 92 percent less likely to take drugs and 80 percent less likely to become pregnant if they play sports. Additionally, they are three times more likely to graduate from high school than non-athletes.” Those who don’t play sports are also more likely to end up in prison or breaking the law. Also another big reason many kids attend sports at a young age is, it helps them develop their body structure in the healthiest way possible. According to the Better Health Channel “healthy growth of bones, muscles, ligaments and tendons.” However, while playing sports if you happened to get injured it can stunt your growth within the area injured. So when you send your child to a fun sport to develop and learn, you also need to send them with the correct gear so they are protected from injury. But if you are wearing the correct gear during your sporting event you are all set to learn and develop as a young child and figure out the ropes of life.

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