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The Elements And Development Of A Team Leadership

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I’ll be discussing Team Leadership and what goes with it such as;

  • Team elements and stages.
  • Team types
  • Team issues
  • Effective/ Ineffective teams
  • Team roles Member skills
  • Personality test

There are 5 elements and stages to a team they are;

  • Forming as the name suggest involves putting together a team which will complete the task. This team should have people with different strengths, weaknesses, views and opinions in order to make the team as efficient as possible.
  • Storming: Where a group begin to clash with one another. Groups often become victims to this stage as the people in the group may not make the effort to get to know each other and have very different opinions and as a result communication between the individuals in the group breaking down and it becomes clear the task will not be accomplished.
  • Norming: When the people in the group set aside any disagreements they have in order to progress with the task at hand. Working relationships are formed during this stage
  • Performing: When the group starts to work together more effectively in order to finish the task. There is very little or no arguments at this stage the goal is the only thing people are concerned about.
  • Ending: Occurs when the goal has been accomplished and the team itself need to disband in order to focus on other projects.

There are many team types all with different functions, some examples include;

  • Permanent teams: Where teams are formed not only to complete one task but many one after another. The members of this team often don’t change either unless under very particular circumstances.
  • Temporary teams: teams that are no longer needed once a task is complete. The duration of these teams are often short and the members go their own way when the project is accomplished. These teams are usually brought in to assist the permanent team.
  • Task Force: formed to find a soloution to a particular problem. These teams are usually used for a short duration or can be in effect for a long time.
  • Committee: teams work on a particular assignment; they are composed of people working on a common goal. Similar to a task force they are either formed temporarily or permanently.
  • Organisations: teams where the members of the team all work under the guidance of one leader. This leader is more often than not elected by the members of the organisation. Both the members and the leader work to fulfil a common goal.
  • Self-managed teams: are teams where there is no supervisor every person in the team work towards the same goal while being accountable for their own performance.
  • Virtual Teams: are a result of distance separating the members of the group the formation and work done by this team is made possible by the computers and the internet.

However there is more to team making than just putting people together and getting the task done. Every team has issues and these issues can be a result of any number of things. These issues include;

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  • Tasks not being completed by the dead line.
  • Ideas not thoroughly discussed
  • Members not contributing
  • Ineffective communication
  • Conflict between team members
  • Domineering personalities
  • Inability to focus on the task.

It must be noted that these issues can be resolved by the team leader through proper management and communication.

Teams are usually classed as either effective or ineffective, the difference between the two could decide whether a task will be completed or not. An effective team will have a clear purpose helping members to commit to the objective. The group will take their time to discuss different aspects about the task such as objectives, progress and regular feed-back. Team leaders make sure everyone feels comfortable enough to be involved in all discussions regarding the project. It’s the team leader’s job to ensure everyone involved in the project carries their weight and does an equal amount of work.

Teams thrive best when people with different skill sets fulfil team roles where their skills are most beneficial. Examples of the roles and the skills needed to fulfil these roles are;

  • Plant: The problem solvers they are often bright free thinkers
  • Resource investigator: The ones with contacts with companies and businesses the help the plant to realise an idea.
  • Coordinator: Would normally lead the team they are people who look at the big picture.
  • Monitor/Evaluator: The impartial judges of the group the use logical and unbiased thinking to come up with solutions.
  • Team worker: The ones who do the leg work of a project they are both good listeners and diplomats and try to resolve any conflict in the party.
  • Specialist: are used for their knowledge in a certain field.

As part of phase two we were required to complete a personality test on my result was “Adventurer” which I feel is the right result for me based on the characteristics. Based on the test I fell that I play monitor role in the group.

In conclusion the different aspects of the development and maintenance of a productive team fall mostly to the team leader. Making him/her vital in order to get the project completed.


  1. Noel Beasley’s class room notes.

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