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The Elements And Effects Of Judaism

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The transcendence of the reason for which it was decided to deepen the understanding of the congruent events with the Jews is to be called the first monotheistic religion, which has had too many difficulties over time and over the years. It is also essential to determine that the co-participant Judaism with its follow-up throughout prehistory, from the beginning of human civilization, including the follow-up of the Nazi party, in which they were exploited with forced labor without mercy, tortured and murdered. In addition, if this were not enough, distinguish the authors who deepened in Judaism with respect to the conception of a God without equal and its assignment in today’s world, especially in Latin America which is the part where this has had the most impact .

The essential doctrine of Judaism as a religion has generally been recognized with its monotheism and its particular conception of the history that derives from it. (2000), Judaism grants itself as the story of a Hebrew people (or people of Israel) as a whole, from its beginnings in the biblical era to the present, in its diverse and varied historical, religious and cultural ways within a certain population.

We can conclude that Judaism is a problematic and critical religion, since, as it has been configured in its rabbinic adaptation, it is significantly an orthopedic, that is, a procession of norms of divine origin that regulates the whole procedure of the devotee, that the Good The Jew needs to realize himself and thus obtain a regime of equity in the world. In proportion to the above, Judaism is a religious system that has a significant mechanism within this whole process, which has given the Hebrew people constant maintenance and renewal, adapting to political, social and cultural events, and even with the resulting danger. of assimilation to dominant cultural models and of deprivation of their own identity, as is the subject of African influences within it.

From the above mentioned it is confirmed and assured that Judaism, which is distinguished from when the monastery is destroyed and finished by the Babylonians and the Jews are expelled from the land of Israel, the particular functions developed by certain people in the Sacred Scripture and in that particular critical situation in history disappear, a group of Jews called ‘prushim’ or ‘Pharisees’ and who will then be called rabbis, who were the clusters of the survival of Judaism until today by changing the substantial power of the origin of the hereditary priestly caste for the wisdom of understanding the Jewish proclamation that from that moment acquired the amount of normative Judaism. Giddens (1991) mentions that Judaism dates back to 1000 BC, being a population without concrete consolidation that lived in the vicinity of ancient Egypt.

From the sons of Ishmael come Arabs and Muslims who claim to be part of the group of people privileged to be descendants of the firstborn. From the descendants of Isaac is born Jacob, who is later called Israel. At the time that the tribes of Israel lived in Palestine, the vestige in which the descendants of Judah settled was called Judea. From what has been said it follows that the principle of Israel did not physically exist until later in World War II, specifically in 1945, because its conflicts between Muslims and Arabs at the beginning to dispute over who the people really estimated by God, it resulted in frequent wars. On the other hand, we have a primary perspective, such as the percussion of Judaism in Western culture.

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Isaac Caro said that Judaism is established in the west, specifically in Uruguay, where one of the most important communities in the region is located. This country was the first and third worldwide, later from the United States and the Soviet Union, to distinguish the State of Israel in 1948. From Isaac Caro it follows that the Jewish religion is not valuable as an entity appropriate to its low number, on the contrary, it is significant in terms of attitudes that are descendants of it, at least in Chile, for example we have the case of: Bastián Bodenhofer, Claudio Spiniak, Rodrigo Hinzpeter, Tomás Hirsch, Anita Klesky, Mario Kreutzberger, Julián Elfenbein , among others. So we can conclude that we can demonstrate that despite all the conflicts and tragedies that the Jewish people have had throughout history, they have known how to remain their religion, facing and fighting for reason, maintaining their monotheistic system, opening to a globalized space

The identity from a construction perspective that contains essential features, which are attached to elements of change that are progressing and adapting over the years.

We select the Jewish collective within the categorization of an ethnic group, for being a collective that has managed to obtain and endure throughout history on Earth. Five general Jewish identifiers are highlighted and exposed: religion, traditions, reflection of the people, Israel and the Holocaust, for

In addition, take these identity elements and teach how these features are expressed and presented more thoroughly by the specific Latin American Jewish group.

Judaism of dominance in Western culture has left deep traces in all human spheres, so we have: devout and susceptible, it was the Hebrew testament that influenced Western speculation about the need for the ephemeral being to consult God. Formation, the capital magnitude that Judaism gives to the intellect and education of agglomeration, without dilemma, is imparted throughout the world without discrimination of privileged social classes. The evangelical recipe ‘and teach the laws to your son’ has agreed that the Jews stand out in the orientation of academic sites and in different areas where everyone has the opportunity to function regardless of other aspects such as their origin, religion or the position they occupy a community, despite this equality must always be present.

In conclusion, many of the elements of Judaism influenced and took a strong impact in what is the culture of the West, since the judges were very demanding when it comes to the formation of a community and the beliefs, traditions and norms that are implanted within the same, and over time I achieve the goal of transforming with all the culture of the west.

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